AdVenture Capitalist free money for Android & iOS

AdVenture Capitalist hack for android

In this game it is very important to have a lot of money, and AdVenture Capitalist hacking in this greatly helps. But many players do not know about this possibility and continue to tap on the screen for the sake of small money. A real businessman will save time and spend it on learning a simpler way. Using the codes, each player can get millions of money to the account. You can enter it at least every day and this allows you to access unlimited resources. Build a billion-dollar company without personal investment and skip the smallest and simplest tasks.

Gold bullion plays an important role and allow you to multiply your income x3 times, buy a gold suit, or get an angel. Purchases in the game start with a couple of dollars and reach hundreds. This method will save hundreds of dollars on the game and significantly speed up all processes. The main task of the player is to collect as many enterprises under personal management and constantly increase their capitalization. Money is needed for upgrades, and very soon you will earn millions very quickly. But the code for gold will provide a reserve of gold for the entire period of the game.

Cheats AdVenture Capitalist:

  • + 500 000 money for free, this money will be very helpful at the start. Most have heard that it is most difficult to earn the first million. You can get it for free using the code – 8zBMKeJ_Nq
  • 650 GoldBars free of charge – 83Eoryj_nQ

Start with a small bench with lemonade and become an investor for other businessmen. This is the main mission of the game AdVenture Capitalist in which one finger is enough to control, and tens of hours are needed to pass through. Despite this, the game has tens of millions of downloads and a total score of 4.6. In fact, this is a complex economic game in which everyone can learn to manage big money.

Game descriptions:

A satirical game of capitalism, where you have a bench with lemonade and clicking on it, you get $ 1 for each action. Having collected the necessary sum, you can buy one more such shop and earn $ 2 per click. Thus, improving the turnover from the business, you can always spend money AdVenture Capitalist and earn even more. But the game does not end with the construction of lemonade stands, having enough capital you can buy whole shops, shopping centers and even an oil company.

But the big capitalist will not do everything with his own hands and hiring managers, they will collect profit for you. Thus, the player develops and improves his level, opening up new opportunities for development. The main motivation for the game is rivalry, you can always share your achievements with your friends and compare them.

AdVenture Capitalist mod

Despite the simplicity of the game, it is addictive and always want to reach a new level. Using the hacking of AdVenture Capitalist, you can only sometimes come into the game to enjoy your achievements. Reinvest profits into a more profitable business and get even more money. Having bought one oil rig, you can always double your capital by purchasing one more. At the beginning, billions of dollars are an unattainable goal, but after a while you will earn quadrillions of money and buy yourself any items in the game.

A cartoon game will relax and feel like a millionaire. You can download the game for free for Android, iOS, but only with the help of bonus codes you can play as donater without experiencing any limitations in speed and capabilities. Share your secrets with friends and become a multimillionaire.

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