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AlchemiaStory hack

AlchemiaStory is a role-playing game from Asobimo, Inc. Here you can create a character and partner with the most realistic quality. This wonderful world with your favorite YOME is available for free download for Android, iOS. In the game you can be friends and collect up to 100 friends. In order to flourish faster, gamers can purchase paid sets of gems. AlchemiaStory hacked for money will quickly raise the level and create a strong character. But first let’s get acquainted with the game itself.

Traveling in YOME

The game begins with the creation of your own character, with it you will travel through a fantastic universe. Battle and collect items to update the character’s skills and adjust skills. Customization of the character is very flexible, so everyone can create a unique hero for the passage. AlchemiaStory for Android makes it possible to unite with friends and communicate in the game.

Everyone can add to their friends 100 players, it’s enough to send them ‘like’. With friends you can communicate in real time with stickers and stickers. Unite for the joint passage, in the game you can unite and help each other. Everyone has the opportunity to develop the hero’s abilities, collect new weapons and objects and use them in combat.

Game process

AlchemiaStory mod

Creating a character, you can choose the gender of the hero and customize the appearance. From the shape of the eyebrows to the long hair, one creates his own hero for the battles. AlchemiaStory mod allows you to choose your team and fight together. In the battle involved up to 8 players, you can fight with each other, or unite to fight monsters. Role-playing game has a single mode in which you can travel through the universe and develop a hero.

MMORPG game has a mode with online battles, here you will meet with real players. Each character is unique, using precious stones and alchemy you can combine objects and receive rare skills. Character settings will impress the most experienced user. Buy sets with armor and weapons and improve fighting qualities. Customization of the character will never end, with each update, developers add new items and features.


AlchemiaStory android

The game strikes at the beginning of the game a wide range of settings of appearance. Here you can fine-tune the appearance of the character and enjoy realism. Detailing the game allows you to display the facial expressions of the hero, which is striking when downloading AlchemiaStory mod apk. If you are a fan of this genre, here in the game you can spend hours of time doing customization and combining objects.


If you like role-playing games, then after downloading the game you get a vibrant MMORPG. You can play it for free, there is also the possibility to speed up the processes and unlock the paid sets with the help of game purchases. Sets gems AlchemiaStory, they cost dozens of dollars and expand the possibilities of improvements. To play you will need fast internet and a lot of free time. Using cheat codes you can speed up a lot of processes.

AlchemiaStory hack, codes:

  • Miracle set – qiM8qx3Y_917
  • Gem set D – pMhKmNNH_832
  • Gem set E – 186QH9rZ_837
  • Gem set F – ZgWTQCS0_741

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “AlchemiaStory” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations


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