Free Gold Codes for Angry Birds Blast Island on Android & iOS

Angry Birds Blast Island hack

Get lots of gold and endless life in the game for free, Angry Birds Blast Island hack for Android & iOS. Release birds from balloons and earn stars. Hundreds of fascinating levels, thousands of explosions and exciting tasks. Collect eggs and fight the pigs with renewed strength. Follow the instructions and learn to use secret codes, everyone can get a lot of money on the account for free.

By entering any of the codes you will be able to receive gold sets for free, except to disable advertising in the game. Use gold coins to restore lives, this is the main limiter. Tricks allow you to play without limits, go through levels, learn new combinations of balls and collect additional opportunities. Release your birds from various troubles and go home.

Angry Birds Blast Island cheats:

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  • L Gold Coins package discount – LOjcxiYe_5
  • L Gold Coins package – OboRrfEa_5

Angry Birds Blast Island is a free puzzle game for Android & iOS. Earn stars on the level, save eggs and solve complex tasks. By accumulating the maximum number of balls, the player gets a chance to earn 3 stars and receive additional rewards. Collect combinations of 5 or more balls, create powerful boosters and accelerators that will bring a huge number of points.

How to get gold coins for free:

After downloading the game, gamers are waiting for exciting adventures. Destroy the balls, free the birds and earn resources to build their own shelter from the pigs. Here you can develop your own army of birds and beautifully arrange the territory. Although the game is free, many are looking for where to download Angry Birds Blast Island mod, after all the purchases wait for the player after each completed level.

Destroy the herd of pigs, collect combinations from a large number of balls to inflict maximum damage. Create your own battle strategy, experience from games 3 in a row will be very handy.

In general, the game has a nice graphics with colorful elements and funny characters. The journey begins with a little training, each time you learn a new combination with a super opportunity.

The game has more than 500 levels, which can not be passed very quickly. In addition to challenging tasks, the lives of Angry Birds Blast Island are constantly coming to an end, you need to wait a couple of minutes to recover, or spend real money. And life ends quickly enough, because not having enough accelerators and boosters, it’s quite difficult to complete the tasks successfully.

Blast as many balls as possible, collect points and receive valuable rewards. By earning resources, the player gets a chance to get powerful boosters and boosters. This greatly simplifies the passage of particularly complex levels. Perform tasks every day, you can play without connecting to the Internet, and hacked Angry Birds Blast Island will give a large stock of gold coins and will restore resources. The tasks will last for a long time, each lovers of evil birds should experience this adventure on their own. Share your secrets with friends and enjoy free gameplay.

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