Angry Birds Friends Codes Cheat Codes

Angry Birds Friends cheat codes

How to become a leader of the tournament without inserting money into the game? You can hack Angry Birds Friends on facebook and get an advantage over other players on the bonuses. It is not possible to beat a player who has a lot of money to buy the Mighty Eagle, Power-up Pack, Sling Scope, Birdquake, Super Seeds and King Sling, it’s like to fight in a duel with the toe at a time when your opponent AK47. After all, there is really no chance of winning donating players without inserting money, today you will learn how to use secret codes for unlimited bonuses in the game for free.

Cheats Angry Birds Friends replenish your score bonus points at one point and you can use all the buns for the victory in each level without saving. After all, at any time, you can enter the code, and get a more accurate, fast and powerful shot on the green pigs or shake well stay in the match. Cracking Angry Birds Friends on Facebook, you will have an advantage over players who have a lot of money, because you do not have to save for the bonus. And the use of secret codes Angry Birds Friends perfectly safe, because for that you do not have to download additional modes, or program, it suffices to study the instructions “how to hack Angry Birds Friends”.

List of all the cheats for cracking Angry Birds Friends in facebook:

Mighty Eagle – by using the bonus you will wreak havoc among pigs and destroy the maximum number of things that make a total destruction, using the power of the eagle. To get 999 Mighty Eagle, use code – 9coiEUF

Increase the power – Turn on the power and crush all. To increase the number of Power-up Pack 999, use the cheat – 9ceqEIV

Exact hit – hard to hit the target, use this bonus to turn on the laser pointer and always get the target. For 999 Sling Scope, use code – 9tucBVD

Big Bird is always more devastating than a little for it in Angry Birds Friends have a separate booster. For Super Seeds in an amount of 999, use the following cheat – 9ecmEIC

Performance Improvements slingshot to increase the power and speed of striking, which will help you become a winner in the tournament. To get 999 King Sling Use code – 9cmwEIQ

If, after using the previous bonuses could not crush all the pigs with a minimum number of birds, arrange them earthquake. To get 999 Birdquake use the secret code – 9brdEKE

To unlock all the avatars in the game Angry Birds Friends, using a secret cheat code – 0cjeIEV

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