Animal Cove free Coins, Keys & Lives for Android, Secret codes


Use secret codes and Animal Cove hacking to get keys, coins and life. Cheats for Android allow you to pass levels faster and play without restrictions. Collect combinations 3 in a row and expand your circle of acquaintances with merry animals. Create a tropical paradise on your island, unraveling the mystery to discover new places. Follow the tips in the instructions and get the resources and extra lives for the game.

Solve puzzles and build a real tropical paradise. Communicate with animals and enjoy having so many friends. Dogs, cats, pandas and others will be entertained in every possible way. You can play for free without downloading Animal Cove mod files. Fulfill the dreams of the inhabitants and become the owner of a whole, fantastic island. Download the game, there are many adventures here.

Animal Cove cheat codes:

  • 5 500 coins – BsE*Hem9Ng
  • 99 keys – 9R2*pc3vPb
  • Restore lives – TY6*eEfIoA

The dog-dapper will bring you up to date. This is your business partner, who will introduce the case and tell about the life of animals. Hundreds of interesting tasks and bright adventures await the player. Beautiful graphics and nice voice acting, funny animals will allow you to plunge into a fantastic and fun world. All talking animals become your friends.

Free keys, coins and life

In the game Animal Cove, you find yourself on an uninhabited island with animals. This is an abnormal island for which you came after the ship crashed. Finding yourself on the shore, you understand that you hear the thoughts of animals. Over time, they become your friends and you will have to help and save many of them. To do this, you need to open new places and collect combinations to free the animals.

Hundreds of interesting levels with challenging tasks, some of them will require the use of bonuses. Bombs, mixers and more. They are bought for coins, or real money. These boosters will simplify and speed up the process, remove unnecessary items from the field. Open movies with your favorite characters, rebuild a house on the island and build your kingdom.

Money is needed to create your own island, its arrangement. Hack Animal Cove will allow you to get more fun from the game. Bonus codes allow you to restore life, get keys and unlock paid items. Enjoy jokes from your friends and help cope with a variety of tasks on the island.

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