Arcane Citadel: Duel of Mages hack cheat for Android & IOS

Arcane Citadel: Duel of Mages

Are you looking for hack Arcane Citadel: Duel of Mages, you want to get unlimited money in the game, or open all the items and levels? In this article we’ll show you how to manage without violating the rules of the game and get a lot of money. This will allow you to get more experience in the game and improve.

Download mod Arcane Citadel: Duel of Mages you can for free, but in the game there are gaming purchases. To do without them, often players are looking for tricks. Duels cheat codes in the game on Android, IOS.

Using the codes in the bonus game, which operate even with a test version of the game. Everyone can fund your account for free resources. The game is still quite fresh, and anyone can break into top players.

Get ready for a battle of epic proportions! Strategize, deploy, and command a powerful army across a large battle arena in real-time strategy. See if you can outwit, outmaneuver, and overpower your opponent with your skills. Fantastical creatures and powerful spells are ready to be unlocked. Enhance their powers and create the ultimate battle deck to wreak havoc on the battlefield. The Citadel awaits you — prove your right to ascend to the top! 

Arcane Citadel: Duel of Mages hack

Experience Deep Real-Time Strategy
Enchant mana veins for faster resources, statues for increased health and defenses, and beacons to claim more territory. Whatever your strategy may be, always be vigilant and adapt to your enemy’s attacks. Get ready to unleash terrifying powers onto the battlefield!

Codes do not allow to get too much, but enough to play at a high level. If to apply the strength and  dispose of skills properly, you can make significant progress in the game. Each player can use them once. The codes are the same as Android and iOS devices. They are created by developers in the testing phase of the game. Everyone can get a slight advantage by using them.

Arcane Citadel: Duel of Mages Cheat Codes:

  • 250 000 coins – X9QZ_Y5MAZW
  • 25 000 gems – OFVT_HA8IYR

Passage of the game with the presence of premium currency and unlock items is much more interesting. This preserved the dynamics and speed of the passing game from the first level.

To use the secret cheat codes Arcane Citadel: Duel of Mages you do not need root or jailbreak rights. It’s enough to download the game from the official Android or iOS sites and use them correctly. In order not to feel the limitations of passing enough to enter them once.

Review, Tips and Guide:

The game has an entertaining gameplay and good graphics for this genre. Lots of interesting  tasks and levels of capacity. Developers have imposed restrictions and the purchase of the game is to make money and that’s fine. But they are given the opportunity to receive free resources to those who do not want to spend money.

Arcane Citadel: Duel of Mages cheat

Dominate Your Opponents
With a variety of battle maps, prepare to exploit the fog of war to your benefit and plan sneak attacks against your opponent. 

Collect and Upgrade Powerful Troops
Behemoths, Firedrakes, Heckhounds, Spider Queens, and more are yours to command. Collect and upgrade a variety of creatures and spells to create your strategy deck of destruction!

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