Ark War: Battle of Boom free Gold & Gems for Android, secret codes

Ark War: Battle of Boom hack

Free purchases in the game for gold coins and gems, or hack Ark War: Battle of Boom? Secret codes for Android & iOS allow you to replenish your account with bonus resources and use them to create a powerful army. Unblock weapons, heroes and build a powerful base. Competitions with friends and millions of players around the world will give more pleasure after using secrets.

Each player gets into possession of his own acutely in the sky. Harmonious development of the economic component and army power will allow us to select the right rivals and win. Resources are extracted in battle, and you do not need to download mod Ark War: Battle of Boom to get a lot of money. This blocks access to the use of updates and can lead to data loss. Be careful and use secret codes for free resources.

Bonus codes, cheats Ark War: Battle of Boom:

  • 250 000 gold coins – WPp_A257aJ
  • 22,500 gems – PVU_eEz90f
  • Disable ads – EPr_estnxL

A short guide to the game, the gameplay

A vivid strategy for mobile devices, millions of fans of this genre can try something new. Becoming the owner of a whole island in the sky, seems like an exciting idea. A fantastic world with air ships carries a lot of danger. Battles for resources lead to constant wars. Unite with friends in the alliance and support each other.

RTS strategy Ark War: Battle of Boom can be downloaded free from Google Play. It has two currencies, coins and crystals. The latter can be bought for tens of dollars and gain an advantage in passing. Collecting an army of mercenaries is much faster and easier when there is a large stock of resources on the account. In addition, the player can speed up the construction of buildings.

Secrets of passing, tips

Do you want to become one of the strongest players? And this is still possible, because the game is quite fresh. Use Hack Ark War: Battle of Boom on Crystals and take advantage. Increase the level of buildings, strengthening protection and expanding the army of mercenaries. Conquer the dominance in the district, create an alliance and receive additional rewards.

Harmonious development of protection and economic component, the key to successful passage. Attack the players, whose attack you can repel. Use robots, tanks and warships to quickly demolish the enemy base. Develop your own strategy, capture key points, airports, oil rigs, hospitals and laboratories. Great achievements are rewarded with valuable rewards, items and new heroes.

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