Army Car Theft free Cash, secret codes, not mod, free

hack Army Car Driver for Android

Simulator hijacking auto on Android, Army Car Theft. Play for free, use a hack Army Car Theft and disable advertising, immortality and unlock levels in the game using bonus codes. Carry out assignments for car theft and deliver to the designated place. Follow the directions and get a free game with unlimited possibilities. Playing becomes even more interesting when you have secret codes:

Army Car Theft cheat codes, free:

  • The code for immortality will allow you to forget about the danger of fatal skirmishes, or dangerous accidents and getting cars into the water. God Mode – tf7qoywex
  • Disable advertising in the game can be for a couple of bucks, or for free, using the code – 6d1euww7f
  • Unlock all levels of the game – hhuyzuvie
  • Unlock all weapons and other items – 4wm03wwzz
  • Double experience – ei83hds93

Walk around the city like in GTA, stop cars, throw out the drivers and use the wheelbarrow to complete the task. Get weapons and train the character martial arts skills to increase the chances of winning. Get to the military equipment and steal her to the base. This important mission has many dangers. Do not forget about weapons, it will be needed to repel rival attacks.

Descriptions and features of the game

Interesting simulator for hijacking military equipment, perform tasks, fight with the mafia. Get the job and go for the arrow, it will take you to the next item. On the map are scattered objects that you can collect.

First-aid kits, weapons, as well as indicators of different institutions and points. Download the mod Army Car Theft and get a lot of money promised by many sites, but this is a hoax.

Download the game from Google Play, use the codes of the game itself and have fun at its fullest. Completed missions using codes will not be saved and recorded in achievements. Similarly, the experience ceases to accrue using the cunning for immortality. Get more experience in a regular game and enjoy free travel.

To control the game uses the joystick direction, as well as the switch buttons and weapons. Sitting in the control car changes to the buttons of the gas and the brake and steering wheel.

A large map allows you to spend an interesting time, you can just take a car and explore the city. Army Car Theft hacked gives the player freedom and allows you to get additional opportunities.

Improve your combat characteristics, buy weapons to safely wander the streets. Do not forget that you are an elite military, it is not good to offend civilians. Destroy the mafia and fight for getting military equipment. Increase achievements and share secrets with friends.

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