Assassin Archer for Android, free Gold, Cash. Unlock all Items

Assassin Archer hack

Take on the role of the most dangerous, hired assassin in the game Assassin Archer Assassin with an arrow. This is a free action game for mobile devices, here you can take part in special operations. Destroy enemy, military organizations with the help of a bow and earn money and gold. The game has a lot of complex tasks and missions, each of them takes away energy. Hacked Assassin Archer for energy and gold will allow you to play without restrictions.


Colorful simulator from the company Mouse Games, the game has dozens of interesting tasks. You can download Assassin Archer on Android for free. Restrictions in the form of energy and money do not allow you to complete all tasks quickly. You can remove restrictions using donate, or bonus codes. In the game dozens of interesting tasks, you need to destroy the armed opponents with the help of arrows. Train your shooting skills and get the title of the most dangerous killer.

The military organization has mercenaries with different weapons. Using the elements on the map you can hide from the oncoming fire, and escape from the attack. Fight off their attacks and destroy them one at a time. Speed ​​of aiming and accuracy, the main indicators of the master of shooting. This is not a simple shooting gallery, here you can move around and use the surrounding objects.

Game process

Assassin Archer cheat

Action shooter from the first person, take the bow in his hands and go to the first task. Navigate with the joystick and aim at using the touch control. If the enemy is too far away, you can use the aiming. The game allows you to get closer and choose a comfortable position. Assassin Archer mod has dozens of tasks, performing each of them takes up energy and allows you to earn experience.

Increasing your level, you can unlock new bows and arrows with special functions. On the right of the screen you can choose the type of boom to use. Different functions of the arrows allow you to survive in complex missions. After completing the tasks, you will automatically unlock the following. The passage of each level takes a certain amount of energy.


Assassin Archer mod

The game has an excellent graphics with a high level of detail. First-person view of the camera and convenient control allows you to zoom in and shoot more accurately. The effect of the last shot adds an action, a slowed arrow indicates the successful completion of the quest. Assassin Archer money and energy play an important role in speed of passage. To unlock all bows and arrows, you will need a lot of money and gold.

String the bowstring and shoot it exactly in the head, you can kill the enemy from one time. The game has realistic physics and beautiful effects. Dozens of missions and additional assignments make it interesting to spend time. To use cheat codes in the game, you do not need to download extraneous mod files, enter personal data, or get special rights. This is the easiest and safest way to get money to the account. Follow the instructions and unlock bows and special arrows for free.

Assassin Archer Hack:

  • 100 000 money, the code is y3z5xee_AA23
  • 10 000 gold, cheat – pij1ftl_AA93
  • Recover energy – 92wg2p9_AA02
  • Unlock all levels – y8tc4tf_AA17
  • Disable ads in the game – upaf3bb_AA81

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