Assassin’s Creed Pirates Codes Cheat codes

Assassin's Creed Pirates cheat codes, not mod apk

Today we brought you the hacking of Assassin’s Creed Pirates for a quick passing game, which will give you a lot of money, wood, books. This will allow you to quickly learn in the game, to pump your ship or purchase a new one. Just do not forget about the team, which is important in the game, you will be able to unlock the very best characters and sailors with the highest number of skills that will enhance your skills and have experience in the game.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates – it is really worth attention to the game, it is excellent graphics, optimization and selection of music, it can feel like a real pirate. Fight with other ships and search for treasure on the map that is gradually opened in the game, but having cheats Assassin’s Creed Pirates you can open it directly and quickly find the treasure and explore all corners of the game world. This game will bring a lot of unforgettable emotions, it has a change of weather, as well as the time of day that only adds realism.

The only thing that slightly disappointed – this fighting game. The approach of the ships they can lead in turn attack when you attack, you need only take aim at the lead, but when attacking you, you will see a band that symbolizes the defeat radius enemy ship, and here you need to swipe to get away from the attack. The more guns opponent, the less room for maneuver.

Code List Assassin’s Creed Pirates Android and iOS:

Coins play the role of money to get 125,000 coins in the game, use the code – C125iecEo0

You can hunt for sharks and whales to restock, but if you miss them critically, enter a cheat code that will increase your supplies up to 1000 – P1K0eoxUw2

Get 100 books in the game – B100eoxEi2

Get +1000 tree – F10KeowNi2

Unlock units and sailors of all levels for their use – U09LlunIt9

Explore the vastness of the Caribbean having left a lot of money as well as resources for finding treasures. Maud Assassin’s Creed Pirates do not need to be downloaded to use this method of hacking and codes successfully work on all Android devices and iOS.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Assassins Creed Pirates” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations345435


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