Assault Fury – Mission Combat free Cash, Secret cheat codes, Android

Assault Fury - Mission Combat hack

Take part in battles, get money and rewards. Hack Assault Fury – Mission Combat gives you free coins and allows you to unlock all weapons. Each player can get any item in the game for free. Secret cheat codes work on Android devices and do not require downloading. Follow the advice, get coins and money on the account and buy the most powerful weapons and equipment.

The game offers a preview of the commercials, it allows you to unlock weapons. Each unit takes time, using cheats Assault Fury – Mission Combat can simultaneously unlock all weapons and equipment for use. The received money and coins will allow it to be purchased and used during battles. Take the challenge in a new shooter, participate in first person fights and enjoy the battles.

Free codes Assault Fury – Mission Combat:

  • 150 000 money for free – lCD*iduae2
  • Restore energy – Fa7*orkh0k
  • 5,000 coins – KwD*JKgHLZ
  • Unlock weapons – JKy*KbKHD1

How to play, the secrets of passing

Colorful shooter shooter on mobile devices, download and fight with terrorists. Destroy entire enemy bases, moving along key points. Create a fighter, equip him with weapons and equipment, and perform complex missions. Deadly tasks for the destruction of terrorist forces. Do the tasks and get the money as a reward.

They will be needed for buying and enhancing the characteristics of weapons. And though Assault Fury – Mission Combat is free, there are purchases in it. Coins help the player to unlock the paid sets. Improve your skills and send to protect your nation. Office from the first person, choose weapons and go to the job.

How to get money for free, unlock weapons

Dozens of weapons are available to the player, sniper rifles, assault rifles and other. Use based on the task and the distance to the enemy. The right choice of weapons will save time on the task. Take on the full control of the operation, you need to act quickly and accurately. Practice accurate shooting skills, using a sensory sight and aiming.

The game has a realistic and enjoyable graphics, perform complex missions and discover new types of weapons. Increase your level, become one of the best fighters against terrorism. The player does not need to download mod Assault Fury – Mission Combat to enjoy all the items. Use secret codes and enjoy a free game, get money and protect your allies.

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