Battle Boom free coins, crystals, unlock all weapons & heroes, secret

Battle Boom hack

Take part in strategic battles, use a hack Battle Boom and get a lot of money on the account. Secret cheat codes for gold and precious stones for free. Download the game for free for Android & iOS, follow the instructions and take advantage of the passage. Build your own base, raise the level of the building and challenge the stronger rivals. Share your secrets with friends and unite in an alliance.

Build an army, dozens of types of equipment available to the player for choice. Build your own army and take part in battles in different fields. Great battles, epic battles and wide tactical opportunities. Battle Boom is free, but has game purchases that limit the player in the speed of development. Become a winner to receive valuable rewards. Meet with hundreds of dangerous generals, gaining experience and improving the game.

Free Cheats, Battle Boom Cheats:

  • The player gets experience and money for completing each mission. The harder the task, the more valuable the reward. Enter the code to get 85 000 coins for free – pM_zntVV8v
  • Sets of gems can be purchased at the gaming store. They give a significant advantage in the speed of building an army, use the code and get 4,380 crystals for free – nr_t3dMM8G
  • Disable ads in the game – kh_bvv2o3B

The game has a bright graphics, beautiful animation and close to 70 different fighting units. From infantry, to heavy equipment, unite them in one command and destroy the tower. Battles take place at different locations, destroy the enemy’s tower, is the main task. Go through the tasks, moving along the levels, collect new cards of heroes.

Strategy, army selection

Each player has a deck with heroes, click on the character’s card to create his 3D model on the field. Victory goes to the player, who will break through the defense of the enemy and destroy his base. As in Clash Royale, here you can combine different characters in the team. Combine a variety of maps to create a unique team.

To have the advantage, you do not have to download Battle Boom mod, or get special device rights. Use epic weapons, explosions of rats and tanks to come out victorious. Become a famous commander, creating your own strategy. Battles in real time, learn the enemy’s behavior, use tactical techniques to reverse the course of battles.

Build buildings, blast enemies and increase the overall strength of the army. Hack Battle Boom will give unlimited money and crystals, will allow everyone to open chests with maps and get powerful copies of the team. Travel around the colorful world, taking on more complex tasks. The victory depends entirely on your team selection and selection sequence. Challenge your friends and other players, show your abilities.

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