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Few games have an interesting story and can make a gamer sitting hours for the passing game. Battle Cow game is one such game. Sophisticated gameplay and bright graphics lead to the fact that you can not break away from the game. But there are some nuances that spoil the fun of the gameplay. If you want to learn how to change it – read the article below. This is the story of the Battle Cow in Haywire Valley who set out to save her friends and farmer from intruders who have taken over her beloved farm! The game story is all about how the Battle Cow fights for the rights of her friends, who are trapped in their own farm by a gang of enemy animals led by their Boss; Rhino.

The game features two different modes: the Pen Mode and Farm Mode. In Farm Mode, the player can freely explore and roam the Haywire Valley landscape to collect coins which are going to help in the Pen Mode. Coins are used for upgrading weapons and buying ammo.

Given the fact that gamers do not want to resort to such methods, many sites offer them hack Battle Cow. We must warn you about the dangers of using this method. Download mod and entering personal data can have a detrimental effect on your mobile device. In addition, your account may be disabled due to violations of the rules of the game.

Battle Cow Cheat Codes:

  • 50 000 free Coins – nEP_#83h*322

The developers really tried over the look of the game and its features. Management is intuitive. You do not have to sit for hours in order to understand how to fight with a rival. But in order to achieve good results you need to get a lot of virtual currency. How to do this?

Review, Tips and Guide:

Pen Mode is available by visiting designated pens spread around the Haywire Valley. In Pen Mode, which corresponds to a new level in the game, players are challenged to fight off enemies in order to free the captured friends. Every Pen features a unique environment and enemies. Having managed to take back a pen from the intruders, players are challenged with a set of tasks to complete before being able to proceed to the next level.

   Battle Cow- screenshot

There are 20 Pens to be won before the player is challenged with a last and final battle of Haywire Valley – an almost impossible task! But do not fear, we have a Battle Cow!

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Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Battle Cow” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations


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