Battle Glory Codesed Cheat codes

Battle Glory cheat codes, not mod apk

Breaking Battle Glory Android and IOS will provide an opportunity to receive a lot of money in the game, crystals, fuel and heroes. All this you can get for free and without risk for your device, because to break you do not need to download events, or obtain root privileges or jailbreak. Hack using secret codes makes it possible to simulate the purchase of resources without inserting money into the game.

Battle Glory – MMRPG game that allows you to develop your base and fight other players, all who know the game Clash of Clans already understood the essence of the game. It great graphics and many unique characters who have their own characteristics and abilities. If you love military glory and constantly reach new heights, the passage of Battle Glory be to your liking. Test their abilities in battle, the commander of his army, create your tank and a fighter who will give you victory in these epic battles. But do not forget that all this you need a lot of resources that you can collect for a long time, or obtained as follows.

Cheats Battle Glory:

Precious stones, diamonds, crystals or diamonds, as they do not call – this is the main currency in the game, which is lacking to quickly improve. To get 75,000 Gems, use code -Eik75ieIE

Supply, or the power supply needed for the maintenance of troops. To get the 150,000 enter – Vi150ciWH

Enter the code to get a supply of 150,000 of fuel that will need to run your military equipment – Ke150cxWQ

Unlock all characters in the game – Kq092xuWN

Create your own alliances, and enter the battle group, communicating with other players. Developers are constant game updates that support continued interest, but those resource constraints that they have created in the game, you can easily get around. Follow the instructions and get free resources without downloading cracked Battle Glory.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Battle Glory” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations345435


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