Bike Race Codes Cheats

Bike Race cheat not mod apk

Want to learn how to hack Bike Race and get all the motorcycles and unlock all the tracks in the game? You are in right place, now you know the secret cheat codes that will unlock all bikes and tracks, and you will play without restrictions.

To go to the next level in the Bike Race you have to pass the previous one, thus gaining the right number of stars, but it is not always easy. To pass, you can use cheats Bike Race, which will help you get the most stars, regardless of the time in which you went. One of the codes you can View all tracks, so if you’re interested in a ride directly to the most complex.

To crack Bike Race well, you won’t need to obtain root or jailbreak right, just enter the code in the game, which is part of the game and unlock all of the resources . To use the secret codes in the game it suffices to study the instruction to break do not need to download additional applications or modes apk. Enjoy these colorful racing to complete.

List of all cheats to hack games Bike Race on Android and iOS:

Unlock all bikes (all bikes are bought and ready to use) – AnBiek16f

Unlock all tracks in the game (you can play on any track) – AnTrek24i

Code for a maximum of stars, during the passage of the level you need not worry about the time, you get the maximum number of stars and are automatically admitted to the next level – MaStar3k

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Bike Race” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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