Bird Climb Codes Cheats

Bird Climb cheat not mod

The list of codes, secrets of hacking:

Cheats for crystals Bird Climb – tKLvP6

Open all the birds – ACwRPt

Cheats Bird Climb: Diamonds – rgwufu

Restore energy – PIBAH8

For those who like to kill time during a boring meeting, work or at school, we broke Bird Climb. Interesting game. The purpose of which is to help the bird to fly as high as possible, for this it will be necessary to carry out pressing the finger on the screen mobile or tablet device.

The ability of passing Bird Climb is emerging along the sides of stakes that can not stumble. As upward movement of the user will fall crystals collected a certain number of them, you can unlock some another birdie and continue to play for it (there is also an opportunity to open all kinds of birds and get a lot of crystals entering cheats breaking codes Bird Climb absolutely are free). And New characters will be different not only visually, but also in sound and style of flight.

Also the game has a multiplayer mode, where you can fly with friends. If you wanted to create a feathered friend of triangles and squares, just enter the code Bird
lifting 99j0L7

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Bird Climb” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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