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 Blocky Knight

The company developers Orbital Knight, presented their new game. Blocky Knight, this is an action RPG game with a unique experience. Here you will travel to different locations, fighting and avoiding traps. Your knight will move automatically, you need to direct it using your thumb. This is a simple but addictive game that will present a new experience of mobile adventures.

Gameplay and features

The game is easy to manage, choosing a character you go on a journey through the wonderful lands. Before you constantly will appear new spaces, enemies and traps. Hacked Blocky Knight will get a lot of money, extra gold and unlock all the characters. There are dozens of them in the game and they have different skills and characteristics. Meeting enemies, it is important to monitor their level. If the opponent is too strong, it is better to bypass him.

Blocky Knight cash

During the passage of the player can collect shields, boosters and gold coins. Bonuses allow you to advance further on the game and earn more experience in the process of passing. The game has a unique gameplay, easy to use. Every day, new quests and tasks, collect new heroes and enhance their skills. To get further, you need to raise the level of the character and find the right ways.

Gaming experience and characters

RPG has a lot of content that is available to you in the process of passing. Unlock the Panda, Samurai, or Ganderpa for future quests. Their strengths and skills will allow them to defeat monsters and win. Each attempt will improve your level and make the following improvements. Money Blocky Knight, give free purchases and allow you to quickly raise the level in the game.

Blocky Knight hack

Become a scout and discover new lands, the more monsters you destroy, the more experience you will get. The game process is similar to a runner, the character moves independently, without stopping. You need to make quick decisions and choose the right direction. I went to a cage with a tree, or a pond, the player automatically loses. Continue the passage using gold Blocky Knight.

Graphics and Management

Colorful, three-dimensional graphics of the game gives a tremendous experience. New lands will appear with advancement in level. With the change of the world, the colors change. Characters and monsters are highly detailed. And to operate the knight on the map, you only need one finger. Tap in the right direction and move on the game. Blocky Knight mod, gives a unique experience, raise the level and open new worlds.

download mod Blocky Knight

A lot of traps and strong monsters waiting in front, you need to calculate strength and use additional skills. Each attempt will be rewarded with experience and allow you to make the necessary improvements. Using Blocky Knight cheats, a player can get extra gold and unlock characters and skills for free.

You can download the game for free, but additional gold can be purchased for real money. This gives an advantage in passing, allows you to continue the passage after the error, and also unlock the characters.

Hack Blocky Knight:

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To get more features, follow the instructions and follow all the tips. Using the codes, everyone can get a lot of money into the account for free for Android, iOS device.

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