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Blocky Racing hack android

Participate in the frantic racing on the cards, get to the finish line to earn money. Hack Blocky Racing will give unlimited money and coins. Cheat codes work on all Android & iOS devices. Use the instruction and get resources to improve your results. Unlock all cars, increase their characteristics and set records on dozens of tracks. This fun game will definitely raise your mood, and having money you can become a favorite of the race.

The player is available a variety of types of equipment, each of them has unique characteristics. To win you will need quick reaction and management skills. Get into the accident, each blow takes away the details and worsens the technical characteristics as rarely as possible. The game is beta test, you do not need to download Blocky Racing mod to get a lot of money. Share your achievements with your friends in social networks, set new records.

Free Blocky Racing cheat codes:

  • Coins are needed to improve the performance of cars, speed, armor, handling and more. Get 85 000 coins for free will help code – 1cj_u8eCAP
  • Premium currency unlocks optional but important items. Get 1 850 money (cash) for free –
  • Disable ads – XmE_zO3xve

Free racing game has pixel graphics, dozens of interesting tracks and techniques. At each level there are sites that can be cut off and come to the finish faster. Go around obstacles and get away from the attacks of opponents, discover the world of exciting races. For the game, no internet connection is required, at any time you can run the game and conduct a quick race.

How to unlock the car in the game

Snowmobiles, buggies, rubber ducks and much more. Each type of technology has disadvantages and advantages, correctly using which a player can become a winner. A great achievement for a beginner is to get to the finish line. This is not so simple, because in the accident of auto parts fall off. But this does not mean that rivals can not be stopped.

Each track of Blocky Racing has booster, rocket, weapon and armor. Collect bonuses on the road and destroy rivals. Use shields to protect yourself from the weapons of opponents. Each blow strikes and slows down the opponent. Using short routes and bonus weapons allows you to get to the finish line first and get valuable rewards.

55 unique tracks, the number of which will be updated. Each card has places where it is possible to cut off, or to enter an obstacle. Control is carried out with the help of touch buttons, it is simple, but it requires addiction.

Each car has a unique physics of motion, choose your favorite and challenge others. Hacked Blocky Racing will make you stronger, faster and more victorious. Share your achievements and secrets with friends on facebook.

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