Bot Smashers free money on Android, iOS. Tips for passing, diamond

Bot Smashers hack

Enjoy the battles, earn diamonds and money. Hack Bot Smashers gives the player unlimited resources and gives an advantage in battles. Using the instruction, everyone can get coins and precious stones in large sets. Develop your army, build powerful weapons, equip units and develop a strategy. This exciting shooter for fans of this genre works in the beta test, but the codes for resources will be updated with the official release of the game.

Endless battles online, or battles with the computer. Create an army of units, buy additional weapons in the form of black holes and special weapons. Download Mod Bot Smashers is not required if the player can use the codes. The course of the battle in the game depends entirely on the player’s choice, crashes and explosions, attack of bots and robots. Unite forces and build your own strategy, dozens of species in one team allow you to create a unique army.

Free Bots Bot Smashers:

  • The game has many resources, gold coins are most often used to increase the level of units and their abilities. Get 500 000 coins for free will allow the code – HEO_TidHiJq
  • Diamonds are a premium currency, bought for real money and give a significant advantage. They speed up the process of improvement, allow you to buy paid items and open rare weapons cards. The code will give the player 30 000 diamonds – HEO_16lpIi

This strategic game has many kinds of robots and techniques. Participation in battles brings experience and resources in reward, which allows you to unlock new types of equipment. The game was created by the company Hi-Rez Studios, she created the famous shooter Paladins. In the new strategy the player will be able to fight with other players 1 on 1.

Army Creations, Free Resources

Collect the robots in the team, update the base and challenge the players. Improve the buildings and units, create an army of Bot Smashers and expand the base. The player can update the base, raise the level of buildings and unlock unusual weapons.

Attack opponents on land and air, destroy the enemy base and receive valuable rewards and additional items.

A bright graphics game, the main characters of which are robots and bots. Each has unique skills, the correct use of which brings the player an advantage.

The arena of the game resembles a football field, opponents are located in opposite sides. An important condition for victory is the micromanagement of the game, the management of bots and their behavior can reverse the course of battles.

Use Bot Smashers hack into buildings to upgrade buildings and increase team level. Battles take place online, choose character cards, build buildings, increase their combat characteristics.

Coins are needed to improve all the details, MOBA shooter is available for free download. Share your secrets with friends and enjoy unlimited resources.

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