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Bow and Arrow

The company Candy Mobile has released a new action game on mobile. Bow and Arrow, this is an online bows battle between players from around the world. Create your own character, develop his skills, buy new weapons and train accuracy. This game will quickly capture the simplicity and fun gameplay, interesting characters, unique abilities and exciting battles. Hacked Bow and Arrow will allow you to get a lot of money in the game and unlock weapons and additional abilities.

Description of the game

Bow and Arrow for Android, this is a fun action game involving funny characters and unusual fights. Here you can collect a team of 3 heroes and challenge friends and other players. Aim at both Angry Birds and use weapons in the form of an exploding phone, a statue of Liberty, the Bible and other objects. Each character has unique characteristics, choose one of them and strike.

Bow and Arrow hack

It is very important to get into the opponent, successfully dealt a blow that will take more lives from the opponent. Each character gets experience at the end of the battle, except for this you get coins and precious stones. Use the bow and shoot a variety of items to destroy the enemy. The winner is the one who can destroy the enemy first. To win, you need to have powerful weapons and have special skills.


Choose 3 characters and team up, meet the enemy in front. The enemy’s characters will be at random, at different heights, aim and release arrows. Bow and Arrow mod, lets you have fun using fun weapons. By participating in battles you will be able to raise your level and unlock characters with a variety of skills and abilities.

Bow and Arrow cheat

Pull on the bow to shoot, follow the direction arrow to hit the target exactly. It is very important to shoot accurately at the target, every shot is important and can affect the course of the battle. Each character has unique characteristics and power weapons, they will strike alternately. Using the Bow and Arrow cheats, you can get extra diamonds and money to unlock magic arrows and more powerful weapons.

Graphic in the game

This colorful game is created in a cartoon style, destroy enemies and have fun. Very funny characters scatter like rags with a precise hit. Enjoy the effects and watch the repetitions. You can speed up the picture and participate in the fast mode. Bow and Arrow need money to unlock and update their archers, increasing their abilities. Buy valuable weapons to increase your chances of winning.

Bow and Arrow mod


This is a great game for an interesting pastime, here you can compare the strength with your friends, or have fun. With the growth of the level, new abilities will open, develop skills and win in the shooting world. The game is available for free download on Android, iOS. Game purchases restrict you to play the full version of the game, you need to spend tens of dollars to buy game currency. Using cheat codes, everyone can get free game currency sets and freely buy items in the game.

Bow and Arrow hack

  • 27 000 coins, code – 9X43NXCT
  • 3 540 gems, code – X3YY1AZP
  • Disable ads – GI10UY0T
  • Unlock levels – R73CSZWG

Gradually go through the levels to improve your skills. Develop winning tactics and experiment with different archers, using cheats, the victory will depend only on your accuracy. To learn how to use the codes in the game store, follow the instructions.

Download Bow and Arrow mod (Google Play)

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