Boxing Star free to get gold and a lot of money, the secrets of passing

Boxing Star hack for android

Create a legendary boxer, use a Boxing Star hack and get a lot of money and gold. Bonus codes for Android & iOS do not require root or jailbreak rights. Unlock all modes and items in the game and get to the top league. Train your skills and develop the character, get trophies and awards for winning the championships. Follow the tips to learn the method of hacking and get valuable rewards.

Train your skills on the street, take an active part in the life of the fight club. Numerous victories will bring you money, as well as fame. This will move to professional boxing and earn more money. Boxing Star is a sports simulator in which everyone can take part in battles and train their skills. Here, everyone can create a unique character with special characteristics.

Free Boxing Star cheat codes:

  • Skill points are needed to enhance the character’s characteristics. Get +150 000 points, use the code – QLoglM1V_BS
  • The main currency for buying ordinary items, gloves, clothes, this is gold. To get +1 500 000 gold for free, enter the code – ZT34zmex_BS
  • 5 000 premium currencies, tokens – DlvkCNcr_BS

The character setting begins with the color of the hair and ends with the power of a variety of strokes. Meet in the ring with the enemy one on one, deal blows and watch the heartbeat. 3 rounds, you need to knock out the opponent twice to win. In addition to money, the player needs to earn skill points.

How to play, free gold and skills

Walk the road from a street fighter, to a professional athlete. Hundreds of fights with bosses and strong opponents, win and practice strokes, buy expensive gloves and train skills. The player does not need to download Boxing Star mod, you can get cash using cheat codes. It’s fast and safe, stop saving on training.

Buy mansions, install in the courtyard rides and make friends jealous. Training at a high level will require more resources and time, if you do not use accelerators, you can spend a lot of time waiting. Work out combinations of strokes and create your o

wn style. Here, everyone can become a champion, learn the enemy, block the blows and deal a decisive blow.

Controls in the game are conducted using a pair of buttons to select the hands and block. Stop the opponent’s powerful attacks and watch his pulse. You can force the opponent to breathe out and then launch a counterattack. Boxing Star hack unlocks premium gloves and other items, use bonuses and create a unique character.


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