Brake To Die free Diamonds, Unlock Cars, not mod, for Android

Brake To Die hack

Use hack Brake To Die to unlock the car. Money and diamonds can be obtained for free with cheat codes for Android & iOS. Drive without slowing down, use all the skills to drive the maximum distance. Do the tasks and go through the mission and get a reward for crystals and money. To get a lot of money, or unlimited resources, everyone can use the instruction to use codes.

Enjoy endless runs on busy trails and forests. Go around obstacles, or use a rocket to destroy it. The main thing is not to brake, dropping the speed the car explodes. Unlimited resources available to the player without downloading the Brake To Die mod, or obtaining special root & jailbreak rights. Enjoy the journey and set new records, for more experience.

Brake To Die cheat codes:

  • 7,000 diamonds – hAyX_pUCVC
  • 75 000 money – rJ9j_J9Loy
  • Disable advertising – qejN_HsTfN

Gameplay and controls

This is a bright racing arcade for mobile, unique physics and gameplay. On your car, a bomb is installed and it will explode as soon as you drop the speed below the specified level. Maintain speed and last as long as possible. You will be disturbed by other cars that are moving too slowly and trees. To gain maximum points, you need to manage the car skillfully and use boosters on time.

Brake To Die has dozens of kinds of cars with different characteristics. Most of them are available for gems. To unlock all the auto player has to spend a lot of real money. Conducting improvements and buying boosters of life, rockets, or nitro requires a lot of money.

Free money, gems

To win the lethal championship, you need to hold out longer than others. To do this, each level has a limited number of lives and boosters. control is carried out using the buttons. Go around obstacles, collect rockets and nitro for further use. If you can not get around obstacles, use rockets and destroy trees and cars.

Hacked Brake To Die will improve the results of passing the game and gain an advantage. Use boosters and bonuses, select the best car to pass and set a new record. Use the updates first and get more fun from the game. Share your secrets with friends and compete in achievements.

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