Bunny Pop 2 for Android, free Coins & Stars. Bonus codes

hack Bunny Pop 2: Beat the Wolf

If you like to play puzzles, then download Bunny Pop 2. This is a new game from the company BitMango, which released dozens of bestsellers in this genre. Familiar gameplay in which you will shoot colored balls and collect carrots. Funny characters, colorful graphics and dozens of interesting levels. Play can both adults and children, this is a universal time killer. To get additional coins in the game, you can use Bunny Pop 2 hack using codes.

How to play

A simple puzzle has a plot, you will fight with a wolf, preventing him from stealing carrots. Colored balls appear from below, choose directions and shoot. By collecting 3 or more single-colored balls together, you can destroy them. Bunny Pop 2 for Android has dozens of levels, you will pass them consistently. Collect stars to quickly raise your level and unlock additional items.

Playing fun and interesting, it’s not always easy to complete a level with a limited number of balls. Increasing the level you can buy boosters and additional features. This will allow you to quickly pass the level and earn more points. Save the carrot village from the wolf, quickly completing the tasks. Beat up your opponent with bubbles and become a hero.


mod Bunny Pop 2: Beat the Wolf

A new adventure is difficult to call unique, similar games came out a lot on both Android and iOS devices. Save rabbits and fight for food with a ball thrower. Bunny Pop 2 mod for money allows you to disable advertising and get additional coins. Unlimited money allows you to use boosters and gain the maximum amount of points. To win, train accuracy.

Each level in the game has a unique task, save other characters, or dial the desired number of points. It is not always possible to pass the level from the first level. To win and earn maximum points, you need to use boosters. They will allow to blow up balls of any color, or to strike a super blow. The game has no time limit, but the balls can quickly approach you. The game will teach you to quickly make decisions in a game form.


cheat Bunny Pop 2: Beat the Wolf

Colorful game with bright characters and elements. Color balls, funny characters get the best reviews from players. The game is divided at a level, each of which has its own tasks. Nice voiceovers and cartoon characters will relax during the passage. Bunny Pop 2 cheats for coins and stars will give free purchases and allow to disable advertising in the game.

Unlock the costumes and perform a variety of missions. Gather a complete collection of clothes to diversify the gameplay. The game has more than 300 unique levels. 5 types of missions and assignments will allow each time to receive a unique experience. Collect maximum balls to unlock all the items in the game.

Bunny Pop 2 hack

  • 25 000 coins for free, code – Fk_sS00juw
  • 10,000 stars – NW_dV933qr
  • Disable ads – UX_TKYeAeP
  • Unlock the costumes – UX_0VxAfyJ

Follow the instructions to get the resource sets in the game for Android, iOS. To hack the game, you do not need to download mod files, or enter personal data.

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