Car Mechanic Simulator 18

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 hack

To become the best car mechanic you will need not only experience, but also a lot of money. Car Mechanic Simulator 18 hack can replenish the account with gold and cash to each player. Bonus codes work on all Android & iOS devices. There is a slight difference in their input on different models, more about this in the manual. Learn the method and get the opportunity to create the largest garage among friends and get rare and exclusive models of cars.

The availability of resources will allow you to quickly find car models and parts for them, speed up their delivery and installation, and quickly increase their level. This is a useful simulator for technicians, here you can become a virtual car mechanic and learn the key parts of the car. Repair the technique from removing a simple rust, until the engine is completely disassembled. Collecting a wheelbarrow from scratch, you can learn the purpose of the units and their location, which expand the knowledge of each motorist.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 cheats:

  • 500 000 money, mostly they are needed to buy new parts and are the main currency – OA6F-21FH
  • + 50 000 gold, this is a premium currency, it will speed up all the processes in the game and will speed up the processes and unlock access to the rarest cars and details – T1HQ-8H5P
  • Disable advertising in the game – CNCI-B6NT

A fascinating simulator is available for free download. Car Mechanic Simulator 18 runs for Android & iOS devices and has a lot of emotions. Dozens of types of cars, search for rare models and complete their recovery. Here everyone can perform their favorite part of the work, be it an internal repair, or a change in appearance.

How to get a lot of money for free

Buying a supported car and repairing it, a player can sell them more expensive. This is the main source of income and the more rare and popular the model, the more money you can earn.

Sale of the restored cars will allow to create the present business, expanding the sizes of garage and simultaneously carrying out some works. Money Car Mechanic Simulator 18 gives free shopping and gives the opportunity to become the best car mechanic without investing real money in the game.

You will have to start with simple tasks and a small room. Restoration of paintwork, or replacement of small parts. Learn the car and the entire system of work to quickly identify and fix the problem. In addition, the player can search for lots and buy rare types of equipment for a complete recovery. The purchase of such equipment and parts requires a large amount of money, in which our codes help.

Buy a license for more complex parsing and expand your skills list. Install engines, adjust brakes, a box and a suspension bracket and receive money. Gold in the game can be bought by spending dozens of dollars, or using a hacked Car Mechanic Simulator 18.

Play in your pleasures and take only those tasks that you like to do. You do not need to perform many activities that bring little experience and resources. These tricks save a lot of time and money, share secrets with friends and get even more fun from the game.

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