Castle Clash Codes Cheats

Castle Clash Cheats

Cheats in the strategy game Castle Clash help play fun and not worry about a lack of resources: crystal, gold, water. With the break-in and codes, you will be able to develop the right strategy of the game and get up to the next level. And while we do a quick review of the game and a few secrets of passing.

Cheat on 10,000 crystals – clash_cristal_dn10dhDf

Cheat on invulnerability – invulner_Clash_3d0JHDlo

Code to get 10 000 gold – gold_Clash_kjdi87Hs

To access all the 50 slots for characters in the castle clash (the battle of locks) list the cheat – sefer_gems_heroes * all

To instantly revive your hero, enter the cheat code – sefer_unlock_time

To ensure that your unit with one blow killed the enemy in the arena castle clash (the battle of locks) – list the sefer_arena_killring. Action 1 hit, then it is necessary to re-enter, or another hero.

Cheats on ordinary heroes castle clash:

  • Angel – heroy_castl * 23svyq
  • If you enter the code you get Angela 180 level skill “Healing” (Heal) skill Healing (Heal) in the castle clans 9 level that restores HP of friendly units on 440% of the ATC.
  • Marauder – heroy_castl * 3osv2q – in the castle clans significantly reduces damage (41% for 6 seconds).
  • Hill Giant – heroy_castl * b6svrq – causing a huge amount of damage to a random enemy on the battlefield (600% of the attack).
  • Engineer – heroy_castl * 50sv3q – 9 skill level, he gets 290% of his base damage 22 enemies.
  • Frost Witch – heroy_castl * f4sv0q – reduces the attack speed and movement in a short period of time (330% and slows by 27% for 8 seconds).
  • Dryad – heroy_castl * 02sv7q – striking a target with a 320% damage and stuns for 3 seconds.
  • Alchemist – heroy_castl * 41sv8q – inflicts 540% damage to one enemy.
  • Marksman – heroy_castl * 29sv1q – inflicts 390% damage to three nearby targets, which are selected at random.

A couple of tips on combat tactics in Castle clash.

Proper alignment of the heroes – the heroes move from one building to the other, that they are next to each other. Mobs fall rapidly and Druid restores the health of their teammates, using them together, you can most effectively advance in the game.

Planted their heroes behind enemy lines – until you get to the heroes of the enemy, he will not remain mobs and tower. Be aware of the most unique and powerful abilities of the characters, count time.

On the Internet you can find plenty of cheats for download in the game Castle Clash, but many of them simply do not work and for using them, you can get banned. Using cheat codes in the game, you won’t get blocked and you do not need to download anything, just enter the codes in the game and enjoy

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Castle Clash” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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