Castle of Legends a lot of free Gems, Gold Coins, secrets of passing for Android and iOS

Castle of Legends hack

Castle of Legends is a multiplayer online strategy game. The whole city is destroyed, and only you can cope with this disaster and to build a huge castle. The official release of the game was not yet, but the developers promise that soon the world will see the full version of the game. But despite this, the game has a lot of downloads, it shows its popularity. Another challenge is to confront your enemies, who want to take your territory and resources.

Defending your territory from attack, you need to remember that you need to fill up and your own resources. Yes, they are very difficult to earn, for this reason many gamers want to take advantage of hack. But it is very seldom, because most often you get to the deception. Using our secret codes for free purchases you will get listed resources for free.

Castle of Legends hack

Your castle consists of many floors. And you have to develop each of them, the only way you can bring back the kingdom its former glory. To do this, you will not need to download the mod Castle of Legends. After all, we shield that is generally useless method.

Free Codes Castle of Legends for Android and IOS:

  • 20 000 Gems – G#_GU84hed9
  • 150 000 Gold Coins – C#_GF34jeude9

Explore the magical world. Each subsequent step will be more and more interesting for you. On the way to win a lot of obstacles, enemies and monsters are waiting for you. But thanks to an unlimited number of Gems and gold coins you will be able to overcome all difficulties on the way to victory.


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