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Casual Heroes hack android

Precious stones, gold, a lot of money and food on the development base free. Casual Heroes hack for Android, on gems, get the resources and raise the level. You do not need to download mod in 2017 to get resources for free – secret cheat codes are much safer. Accelerate the processes in the game, unlock the buildings and raise their level. Using the instruction, the player can speed up all processes and quickly develop his own base and assemble a strong team of heroes.

Concentrate on the game, turn off the ads. Use paid items and speed up the construction processes. This is available to every player without real costs. Casual Heroes cheat is completely safe, it will allow you to freely buy items, unlock buildings from the game store. The speed of the game will be doubled if there are gems on the account. Make the game more fun and enjoy the battles.

Bonus codes Casual Heroes:

  • 50 000 gold – 4WK_m4jfah
  • 8 500 gems – CQD_RzBcEK
  • Disable ads – pwM_sORo14

Game descriptions, tips for passing:

Colorful strategy on Android and other mobile devices. You can download it from Google Play. Here the player will be able to build his own village and develop it. Start with a couple of buildings and raise their level. Take your army with pitchforks and go to battle with the enemy, he wants to take away your land.

Protect your buildings and resources, open new types of buildings and expand the army. Casual Heroes allows you to have your fleet from ordinary boats, but raising the level you can upgrade them. Fight for power over the territories with other players. In the game dozens of buildings, they will allow you to receive resources and develop technology.

How to Get Gems for Free

You can play for free, slowly developing your village. Game purchases simplify and allow you to speed up the process. This will get around friends and create an entire army of grandfathers. Keep track of food and the amount of wood, they are needed to sustain life in the village. In addition to the number of soldiers in the army, develop their skills and increase the characteristics.

The player does not need to download Casual Heroes mod to get a lot of money on the account. Hacking with the help of codes will quickly and free of charge get gems on the account. Share secrets with friends and create your own clan. Participate in tournaments to get exclusive items and awards. In your hands, an entire army, which will be under your control to destroy rivals.

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