Cheat codes GTA3 Android and IOS



A full list of codes. Money, weapons, health, armor.GTA is famous for the number of cheats and codes in the game from the developers, playing on the computer. Accustomed that it is possible at any time to get any weapon to start or finish the gunfight, or other tricks, it allows you to feel more freedom in the game.

Developers didn’t leave us without codes  for the mobile version of Grant Theft Avto, these codes can be used on Android and IOS devices. There aren’t  many of them , but you can have some fun. But we recommend to save game before using them, some codes can continue to operate, and can not be shut down.

The list of codes in GTA 3 for Android and IOS:

  • get All  weapon – GUNSUNSUNS
  • add  250,000to your cash  – IFIWEREARICHMAN
  • obtain health (maximum) – ESUNDHEIT
  • enable  mass brawl (Everyone  fights) – ITSALL OIN MAAAD
  • all passers-by attack you (mass aggression) – NOBODYLIKESME
  • code for accelerating the time – MADWEATHER
  • increase the amount  of  police for  2 stars – MOREPOLICEPLEASE
  • remove police chase  – NOPOLICEPLEASE
  • code for the tank – IVEUSATANK
  • blow up all the equipment if you are in a car, you will be broken as well (be careful) – BANBANBAN
  • change the model of character  in the GTA ( on any other) – ILIKEDRESSINUP
  • to makes  all cars invisible (visible only  wheels and headlights) – ANICESETOFWHEELS
  • to improve control of the car – CORNERSLIKEMAD
  • code for car flights  – CHITTYCITTYBB
  • the code will make all civilians armed  – WEAPONSFORALL
  • accelerate actions of  hero – TIMEFLIESWHENYOU
  •  acceleration of the  process of the game – BOOOOORIN
  •  code to get  +100 armor – TURTOISE
  • goodweather – SKINCANCERFORME

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Grant Theft Auto 3” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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