Cheats to hack Zombie Diary Evolution 2

Hack  Zombie Diary Evolution 2  for cash, coins, 100 k  crystals and potions

Hacked Zombie Diary 2 Evolution is a game with endless money (coins) and crystals and how to hack the game is your choise. You can download a strange mod , which not only won’t help you to get money in the game, but also will hurt your computer – use the alphabetic cheat codes for hacking  games, it’s free and without any downloads.

Zombie Diary 2  has about  30 types of weapons, as well as a variety of characters from the list, which, by the way, contains robots,who are more effective in the fights against zombies. Passing  the levels on a  time, survival rate  and  number of dead – is  a standard set of missions  for games about zombies, and this one is  not an exception. This game is so simple that there are no secrets to pass it, just shoot, upgrade your weapons and shoot even faster .

Hacked the game  for money, you  will get the opportunity to buy any weapons, even with endless  ammo, especially useful in mission where you are  guarding the portal, and you only need to shoot in the same direction.

Cheats to hack the game Zombie Diary 2 Evolution on Android and iOS

  • code foer getting one million gold coins (lots of money) – 1mcoinsZ
  • code  for 100 000 crystals (rubies, diamonds, as you want to call) – 100kcryZ
  • code for  the opening of all weapons to buy – armsopeZ
  • improve weapons to the maximum – armsupgZ

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Zombie Diary Evolution 2” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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