Clash of Imperial unlimited Gold, Cash, Crystals, secrets og passing for free (Android and iOS)

Clash of Imperial hack

The game Clash of Imperial is based on the storyline of the Second World War. It is not necessary to describe what you need to do in the game. This is so intuitive. Also, as the actual gameplay. Unfortunately you can not buy all the necessary items in the game store without crystals and gold.

You can not have no mercy, if you want to defeat opponents. Cool mind, determination, good reaction and the right strategy – that’s about all you need. Also, do not forget about the resources, without which the game does not make sense. To get them, gamers want to to download mod Clash of Imperial. We are confident that this is a bad idea.

This method does not give you the resources, just useless advertisements and viruses. To ensure a good defense, you can rekonstrukirovat buildings and of course, provide your army the best weapons. To win the battle, you should unite your forces with the Allies. This will increase the chances of winning. The codes that you see below are not hack Clash of Imperial. They are absolutely safe to use. And unlike other types of obtaining virtual currency, your account will not be blocked. Build the city is also not easy. It is the foundation and protection from enemies.

Free Codes Clash of Imperial for Android and IOS:

  • Add 200 000 Gold – G#_63y9uiR*wds
  • Add 10 000 Crystals – C#_67g8wsJ*dsw


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