Command & Conquer: Rivals mod, for Android. Cheat codes

Command & Conquer: Rivals

Command & Conquer: Rivals for Android, this is a free strategy for mobile devices. Players can download for free on Android, iOS and enjoy strategic battles. Company mode and battles in 1v1 matches, battle with the teams of other players to test your skills. This exciting game with competitive gameplay on mobile devices will soon be available to everyone. While you can download it for free with Google Play, using the hack Command & Conquer: Rivals everyone can get diamonds and credits to the account for free.

Description of the game

The game gives a competitive experience for fans of mobile strategies. Command & Conquer: Rivals for Android, has a lot of hardware, weapons and skills. Hire a commander and build your army from scratch, only from you will depend the outcome of the battle. Command your army, choosing the directions and the number of units. You will be able to control every step and will be responsible for the outcome of the battle.

Each battle will bring you additional experience and money. Use them to improve the composition of the army, or raise the level of technology. Before each battle, you can choose the composition of the army, so you will decide the sequence of the attack and plan a protective operation. The game is well-optimized for control with touch buttons. Control of the troops, this is the main key to success, in addition to this you will be useful codes for money Command & Conquer: Rivals.


Command & Conquer: Rivals mod

Before entering the battlefield, move the units and equipment cards to collect the army. This is an important part of the preparation, the composition of the army will depend on your opportunities in the game. Most of the battles take place in real time, but before that, developers will introduce you to the controls and features, through the training mode. Each fight is unique and requires decision making and strategy changes, only an experienced commander can win each time.

Command & Conquer: Rivals mod, this is a thoughtful strategy. You have a long way to create an ideal army for your own strategy of the game. A skillful combination of troops and their correct use increases the chances of winning. When creating a team, you need to consider the capabilities of each unit. In the fight, you can muster infantry troops, tanks, use aviation and monsters. Having unique abilities will give you a significant advantage in battles.


Command & Conquer: Rivals hack

The last game in this series was released 5 years ago, so you will find a lot of updates. More modern graphics, the presence of dozens of types of equipment, weapons and additional weapons. The game has a bright graphics and lots of interesting elements. Navigate the map with simple svaypov to cover everything that happens in combat. Command & Conquer: Rivals cheats allow you to speed up the process of passing and quickly raise the level. Use special weapons and enjoy special effects and beautiful animation during the fighting.

Game Modes

Learn to play, gain experience and build a strategy you will be in company mode. But this is faster preparation to the main battles, this is a meeting with real players. Everyone has a strong army and is ready to challenge you. Winning a total war requires skills and a lot of money Command & Conquer: Rivals. To get credits and diamonds a player can use a game store, or bonus codes.

Command & Conquer: Rivals hack:

  • 150,000 credits – TJhCGszmS
  • 15,000 diamonds – A3JQF0R3a
  • Disable ads – Ju4lClAX3
  • Unlock weapons and equipment – IfObK1dkF

By following the instructions, each player can receive resources of resources on the account. Of course, it’s free and works on Android, iOS devices, but you need to follow all the rules of use and be careful not to get a ban.

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