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Commander Battle

Commander Battle, this is a new strategic game from the company mobirix. Create your own squad and participate in battles with real time. Defeat the enemies, destroy the enemy base and earn fame and money. Online battles last a couple of minutes, a large number of weapons and equipment, develop your own strategy to win. Hacked Commander Battle is available for Android, iOS using codes, but let’s get acquainted with the game itself.

Description of the game

Commander Battle for Android, this is a military strategy for mobile devices, take part in real-time battles with real opponents. Actions take place in the near future, in September of this year, when the terrorists broke all the forces and everyone started to fight for themselves. Collect your own army and participate in endless battles between players. Earn the fame and money you need to make further improvements.

Commander Battle hack

Destroy the enemy base to defeat, land troops, use military support. Victory will get to one, and only your weapons and the right strategy will win. All fights are online, so you’ll need a fast internet connection. Follow the instructions to get a lot of money in the game and develop a strong army.


The game allows you to collect the army from units, tanks and air support to fight the enemy. When faced face to face, you need to destroy the enemy base by defeating his army. The bases of the opponents are opposite each other, your army will land near the base and head towards the enemy. At the bottom of the screen is a list of available troops and weapons. At the bottom right is the amount of stamina. The energy that you can spend on calling one of the types of troops is limited, so it’s important to strategically choose a team.

Commander Battle mod

Commander Battle mod many money gives you the freedom of shopping and allows you to compete with the strongest players. Meet players around the world in real time. Opponents of different ages, defeat enemy units to get to the enemy base. Unlock new types of troops and build a strong army, show what you are capable of in online battles.


The game has a fairly mediocre graphics, everything is done in gray colors, but with a sufficiently high level of detail. Small game requirements allow you to download and run it on the fastest devices. Immerse yourself in military battles, you can control the army very quickly. Learn and raise the level, cheats Commander Battle will give the opportunity to challenge and receive additional diamonds and gold for free.

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With each update, developers promise new types of armies and opportunities. Create a competitive army and receive historical victories in your career, gaining valuable rewards and access to new units.

Commander Battle hack

  • 100 000 gold – vCBG8FNWFJ
  • 10 000 diamonds – vCBn4eqBrX

Use cheat codes and get additional glory points, increase the level of your units. Follow the instructions, and use hacking with the help of bonus codes, this is the easiest and safest way to get a lot of money in the game.

Download Commander Battle mod (Google Play)

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