Contract Wars cheat codes, free cash & gold

Contract Wars cheats

Contract Wars, is a dynamic and colorful online shooter on social networks. The game boasts good graphics and interesting gameplay, which should appeal to the most demanding players and fans of this genre. The game has a lot of interesting maps and weapons, which can be tested in multiplayer mode. In addition, there are passage of missions, which can be used to gain experience and improve the level. To unlock all weapons Contract Wars you need to have a high level. To do this, you need to conduct quite a lot of fights, to gain experience, use a secret code, you can double the experience gained and quickly gain access to powerful weapons.

Cheats Contract Wars will allow any player already at the first levels to buy themselves worthy of weapons, armor and other equipment for battles. Many sites offer to download a mod, a bot for hacking the game, but it’s not safe using the codes you do not need to download files, just have the codes, and use the instruction to make free purchases.

Cheats Contract Wars:

  • + 3 500 Gold Points money allowing you to purchase premium weapons and accessories – IC4P-UG3C6I
  • + 64 000 CR – A6MM-UJT2CQ
  • + 4 200 skill points (SP) – AYHZ-QB3RAW
  • + 900 modification points (MP) – 09JI-DSZVMU
  • 2 times more experience – 8XY9-DMPEWU

This will allow you to quickly raise the level of the character and use the best weapons in the game. Hack Contract Wars allows you to wind a lot of money in the form of loans. If you are looking for cheats on endless patrons, lives, or the ability to shoot through walls, then you will not find it here. The use of such tools spoil the experience of the gameplay and will not give you the pleasure of playing.


Like in any mmofps, there are several types of exp, the accumulation that allows you to advance through the levels, or buy weapons. Weapons in the game are divided into donated and ordinary. The latter is also not always available at the initial levels.

When you start the game you will be given a premium weapon for 1 day, so you understand how you can play. After that you will have an arsenal of inefficient weapons, and to replace it, you will need to play for a long time, or to invest Contract Wars money. Using secret codes for free purchases, any player can receive sets of resources from the game store. Access the instructions and follow the steps to unlock all features.

Contract Wars mod

Contract wars – this is not an ordinary, but a browser-based shooter, in which you can get stuck through social networks, or online. The shooter is very well done and thought out.

The most interesting plot gives a full meaning and this is a huge plus. Excellent graphics, a lot of weapons, several combat modes, the choice of character class, pumping, levels and so on. In general, the game is worthwhile and this could not be mentioned, since an unrealistically large number of people already know about it, which, by the way, is also a plus. The more people, the more interesting, so you do not have to expect a deficit from a millionaire game!

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