Cooking Country: Design Cafe free Diamonds & Coins for Android, secret codes

Cooking Country - Design Cafe hack

Cooking Country: Design Cafe hack for diamonds and gold coins. Secret cheat codes for Android & iOS will present a free game with no limits. Unlock the paid items and quickly develop your farm and cafe. Enjoy a free simulator, speeding up the construction process and speeding up the process of making dishes. Follow the instructions and get unlimited resources to the account. Unlock recipes and decor elements and create a unique cafe.

Engage in agriculture and use them for cooking. A closed cooking cycle allows you to cook hundreds of dishes from natural and healthy foods. You do not need to download mod Cooking Country: Design Cafe to enjoy free purchases. Each player can get a large number of precious stones and gold coins on the account for free. Download the game and use the codes for quick passage.

Cooking Country: Design Cafe cheat codes:

  • 50 000 coins – PHY_OxTbUp
  • 10,000 diamonds – RqT_GmgiTu

Review of the game, passing

Every time you have to invent something new to grab the gamer’s attention. Unification of genres has been practiced for a long time and brought many interesting games. Cooking Country: Design Cafe is a combination of a farm and a cafe simulator. Imagine in the backyard a small farm with animals and plants that immediately fall on the kitchen table.

Fresh food and natural food, one of the elements of a healthy diet. Therefore, clients you will receive demanding, but rich. Build a farm, planting and caring for animals, plant plants. Cook them personally and send them to the clients table. Receive gold coins as a reward.

Free money, secrets

Hundreds of recipes, dozens of plant species are available to the player. Combine them and create new dishes. Unlock recipes and expand the menu. Control all processes, buy jewelry to create a unique design. Family farm and restaurant inherited, so you will have to learn everything from scratch and take the business to a new level.

All the resources you have to spend have to spend on further modernization and expansion. This is a real test for fans of cafe simulators, or farms. Hack Cooking Country: Design Cafe does not violate the rules of the game, but greatly accelerates and simplifies the processes. Look after the housekeeping and cook unique dishes. Delicious feed the animals on the farm, get the best foods for cooking. Share secrets and achievements with friends on social networks.

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