Crash of Tanks: Pocket Mayhem free Bonus, Codes, secret cheat codes

hack Crash of Tanks: Pocket Mayhem android

If you like to be the first, then you will need a hack Crash of Tanks: Pocket Mayhem for Android and iOS. Get free boosters and start the game with larger sizes. Use the secrets and become the most powerful on the map and destroy the rivals. Use the instructions and secrets and get a significant advantage when playing. Double the collected metal, use infinite nitro and get extra experience points.

Become the biggest on the map, now you can do it much faster. Use infinite nitro and get the speed to get away from any attacks. By doubling the collected metal, you will be able to grow 2 times faster. Use the cheats Crash of Tanks: Pocket Mayhem and enjoy your advantages. Enjoy the game without limits and use bonuses without limits.

Free Cheats Crash of Tanks: Pocket Mayhem:

  • Start with a large size, 2 times more than usual – CVQWdo3VXV
  • Double the collected metal – Ep445kKgKH
  • Infinite nitro – ZjwXXrS5QG
  • Disable ads – N3j2dKz3Hb

Features of the game, guide

Exciting tank shooter from the series .io. The action game offers to move to the map with other tanks and participate in endless battles. Start with small sizes, travel around the map destroying enemies, and avoiding stronger players. Collect the metal and become bigger and stronger. In the game there are many boosters, they will allow to accelerate at the right time, or cause double damage.

Use bonuses for the battle in the arena and rank first. Get awards in the form of boosters, the game Crash of Tanks: Pocket Mayhem is free, but has game purchases. Disable advertising and gain an advantage everyone can free of charge with the help of secret codes. Enjoy endless battles online and become the best player.

Free mass, secrets of passing

Each player starts with a minimum mass of the tank, but with the help of breaking it can be increased. This will give you a big advantage at the start, and doubling the metal will allow you to grow quickly. The game has a convenient control with touch joystick, fire buttons and the ability to use boosters. The result of the battle will depend not only on the tricks, skillful management is the main thing for a successful game.

Forget about downloading mod Crash of Tanks: Pocket Mayhem. Cheat codes for boosters will allow you to use acceleration without restrictions. Escape from danger and destroy stronger rivals, using double fire. Enjoy the exciting gameplay, use the shotgun, invisibility, accelerators and shields and become the leader in the arena.

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