Crime Traffic free Cash, Unlock Cars, secret codes, not mod

Crime Traffic hack

Free unlock auto, get money – Crime Traffic hack. For Android with cheat codes, get coins to buy cars and get more experience. Set records in the arcade race around the city. Drive on expensive SUVs, shoot all cars in the district and earn money for improvements. Follow the tips in the instructions and get a lot of money on the account for free. The passage will be more dynamic and interesting.

A simple arcade game with simple gameplay. This is a Trafic Racer with the ability to shoot and destroy obstacles. Choose a list of SUVs, buy and send to the job. To unlock the car you do not need to download Crime Traffic mod, or enter personal data. Get a lot of money on the account and use boosters. Double your experience and get more valuable rewards.

Crime Traffic cheat codes:

  • 50 000 money – zjvlk_02m10
  • Disable ads – hkhjw_3158m

Arcade race to mobile devices, download from Google Play and release steam. Overcrowded streets do not let go of the chase, destroy obstacles to score maximum points. In addition to weapons, a player can use boosters to accelerate and restore lives. Watch for health indicators and collect a heart to last as long as possible.

Crime Traffic created in the style of 3D, the quality of graphics corresponds to the arcade style. For the game does not require a powerful phone, enough minimum specifications. Become a rider and firing, speed control is automatic. Click on the turn buttons to go around the trucks and move between the strips.

How to get money for free

The game has a lot of mission, they will gradually open to the player. With money, the player can get more valuable rewards, accelerate and even triple the experience gained. This greatly speeds up the process of passage and allows you to get more money as a reward. Downloading a hacked Crime Traffic version does not make sense if you know how to use bonus codes.

Train your racer skills and make improvements. Strengthen the combat power of weapons and the characteristics of cars. Share achievements with your friends and choose your favorite car. Black SUVs will make you feel like a king on the road. The longer you last, the more valuable rewards will be. Share your achievements and secrets with your friends in social networks.

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