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CrossFire: Legends

The game CrossFire became the most popular shooter of last year on the PC. A new system of approach to battles on large maps attracted millions of players around the world. Today, developers have optimized the game for mobile and released CrossFire: Legends, while in the beta test. But now you can experience the experience of the battle on your Android, iOS device. Today we will take a closer look at the game, as well as learn about ways of hack CrossFire: Legends.


This is a FPS shooter which is created by the example of the PC version, along with the other players you descend from the aircraft and start searching for weapons and equipment. Up to 120 players on one card, only one survivor. Travel the map to find weapons and equipment. In PvP mode, all players have the same conditions, only the skills of searching for items and accurate shooting will help to earn extra points and win.

CrossFire: Legends android hack

Developers have many years of experience in creating the game and tried not only to transfer favorite gameplay to mobile, but also to adapt it as much as possible under the phone. CrossFire: Legends for Android, has a unique control system that allows you to quickly move, aim and shoot accurately. Already now you can train your skills for future battles. The battles take place online, and the game has high-level graphics.

Description and features of the game

The game is not a novelty of this genre, but it was the computer progenitor who gave life to this genre. This is the evolution of all the beloved CS with the capabilities of current technologies. Here you can also fight other players online and check who is stronger. CrossFire: Legends mod, you can download for free, while everyone has the same chance of winning. Everything is decided by the skills and chosen strategies. You can always sit in ambush, waiting for the enemy, or choose an attacker’s strategy. The choice of strategy may depend on the level of your skills, as well as the availability of equipment and weapons of a certain type.

CrossFire: Legends mod

At the beginning of the game CrossFire: Legends you will complete the training, learn how to select items, aim and move. Having chosen a name and having studied the controls, you can immediately rush into battle. For the game, you can select characters that have unique skills. This makes the game even more unpredictable, and you need to know the pros and cons of each fighter.

Graphics Games

The game has a unique design and a traced landscape. Realism and detail take up a lot of space on the phone, so you will need a powerful device for the game. This is both a plus and a minus of the game. But downloading the game you can enjoy realistic maps with different localities. In the game you can use all the items placed on the map, use the houses as shelters and take equipment to move around the map.

The map of the game is huge enough to disperse a hundred players for crafting. The safe territory will eventually shrink and each player will move to the center, for the decisive battle. The maps are diverse and allow you to travel through large desert areas, or fight in the ship’s hold.

Game Mode

The game has several modes, the main one of which is PvP. In addition, you can go through missions and perform single tasks. This will bring experience, CrossFire: Legends money, and the ability to buy new equipment and weapons. Improve your skills, choose weapons and develop your own strategy.

CrossFire: Legends hack

There is not enough advertising in the game, but Donat allows you to unlock weapons and high-level characters. Using diamonds CrossFire: Legends, the player receives free shopping and significantly increases the chances of winning. This is one of the most successful FPS games with many years of experience, here you can experience team fights, single tasks, or battles all against everyone.

Single mode of the game perfectly suits as a training, raising its level you increase the chances of winning in multiplayer mode.

Hack CrossFire: Legends

Each player is trying to get a lot of money to unlock weapons and high-level equipment. Many sites offer scoring resources after entering personal data, this is a hoax. To use codes you need an official version of the game, instructions and promotional codes for resources.

  • The code for 100 000 money in the game – 3U5f5tgGKR
  • Add + 5 600 diamonds for free to the account – V2hLBKkjn1
  • Disable advertising – V2hLBKkjn1
  • Unlock all items and modes – YDKbjYHJiF

Follow the tips and get more features, a rapid increase in level and unlock high-level weapons.

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