Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge for Android, free coins – unlock items

Cubiti Dash 'n' Dodge hack

Developers of the game Snipers vs Thieves have released a new game on mobile platforms. Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge, this is a colorful arcade game in which all the characters are cubic. A square watermelon, flowers, people, wheels and everything else. This style will only amuse you, and to go through difficult levels you have to leave from an infinite number of bombs. In this case, you need to collect a maximum of coins to unlock additional skins. Hacked Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge for coins will allow you to freely open up new levels and heroes, which will bring variety to the game.

Cubic world

The development team is convinced that the cubic form only improves the objects. Therefore, everything in the game took these forms, a cubic field, heroes and a variety of bombs. Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge for Android, this is a free arcade in which there are game purchases. For money, you can unlock funny skins and use additional boosters. This arcade much in what is similar to a runner.

The field moves automatically and you have the ability to navigate it in any plane. Your main task is to get as far as possible. At the bottom of the screen counts the meters passed and each record will bring valuable rewards. The game has a lot of funny characters, you can unlock them for coins, or buy for money. In this article you will find codes for money that will help unlock characters for free.

Cubical gameplay

Cubiti Dash 'n' Dodge cheat

Choose your cube and move around the square cells. On the field will appear bombs, at the beginning of the game you will get acquainted with the action of each. Some of them shoot vertically, others horizontally, others cover a certain area around them. Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge mod, has a lot of boosters that you can use during the game. Freeze bombs, or speed up. to escape from the explosion.

The game ends as soon as you hit the shock wave. Management in the game while this is very simple, you have to tap on the screen to navigate in the desired direction. Sometimes you need to stay longer at the beginning of the map, sometimes quickly escape from the very end. By gaining experience you will be able to record and collect additional coins. Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge money allows you to unlock paid skins and use boosters without limits.


Cubiti Dash 'n' Dodge mod

Despite the claimed love of developers for cubic forms, in the game there are still round objects. And they need to pay special attention, the bombs have a muzzle from different sides, you need to be out of range to survive. The graphics of the game are pleasant and bright, has a high level of detail and funny skins. Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge codes for coins will allow you to unlock square wheels, roller coaster with flowers, people and square watermelons.

It’s a fun experience for lovers to have fun. Your cubic hero will quickly move around the field thanks to your commands. For the game you do not need internet, so anywhere in the world you can spend time in the game. Avoid bomb explosions and collect a maximum of coins to set new records.

The game has a wide variety of obstacles and complex situations. Using boosters, you significantly increase the chances of a new record.

Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge hack for Andorid, iOS:

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  • Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations

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