Cytus 2 for Android & iOS, Unlock all Charapters, not download mod

Cytus 2 hack

Cytus 2 continued the music game, which millions downloaded. Cytus 2 hack will enable you to unlock chapters and characters for free. If you played in the first part, then the gameplay will be familiar. If you begin to get acquainted with the series with the new version of the game, you will have to practice and accurately knock out different melodies. Follow the tips and unlock all levels and tasks of the game, enjoying free passage.

Cytus 2 cheat codes:

  • The game is available for free download, but to unlock all parts and use all the possibilities you will have to buy separate parts. To bypass purchases and unlock all chapters and heroes, use the code – Dw_BGToh6J
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This is not a simple studio with a unique gameplay. Beat up tunes of different genres to teach robots to feel. High dynamics, tap on the screen in the right place to produce this or that sound. The game allows you to use different characters that have unique abilities. Use their skills to pass through the next level, just getting into the notes.

Gameplay and features

The first release Cytus 2 could be heard in 2015. Already now you can download Cytus 2 mod using accounts from other countries, or find a mod on the Internet. But you can wait for the official release of the game and download it for free from google Play, or the Apple Store. This music game requires you to accurately hit the rhythm, tap on the screen and open new chapters.

A novelty in the game are the characters, each of them has unique skills and will be useful when playing one of the genres.

Use these abilities to improve your performance and perform tasks with the maximum result. Receive in reward items, discover new opportunities and skills.

The gameplay of the game is simple and complex at the same time, watch the line, or other indicators on the screen and press at the moment the note is passed. Different musical styles are available in the game, POP, JAZZ, TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM ‘N BASS and others. Hacked Cytus 2 to unlock all styles and chapters of the game for free.

This is one of the few music games that tens of millions of users have downloaded. The number of songs has increased, in the game you can hear and play your favorite tunes. Go through the levels at the maximum difficulty and share your achievements with your friends.

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