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Dank Tanks

Dank Tanks, this is a new casual game from the developer Lilithgames. This company has released several popular strategies and decided to implement their skills in the genre of casual fights. In the game you can choose the floor, tank and weapons and go on a colorful journey. A bright game, dynamic and rich gameplay. Online fights, many weapons and a variety of game modes. The game is available for Android, iOS, Dank Tanks hack is needed for those who want to get a lot of money in the game.

Game process

Dank Tanks cheat

Dank Tanks for Android, this mobile game in a high level of competition. Online battles 3 to 3 are available to everyone for free, battle with other players in real time. Each time, get on a new card, hide and find opponents. Destroy as much as possible the enemy to get money and valuable rewards. Using coins and precious stones, you will be able to unlock unique skills and abilities.

Every day, get fresh assignments, perform different missions and develop the level. The game process will appeal to fans of tank battles, there are many weapons and opportunities to develop their own combat company. In the game, you can team up with friends and create a team for fighting. You need to learn and learn new opportunities to always be the first. This is an interesting choice for fans of high competition.

Coins and gems

Dank Tanks hack

Meet players from all over the world, each has unique abilities and skills. Dank Tanks mod for a lot of money gives the advantage and will unlock special weapons and have rare attacks in the arsenal. Each time you can take on one of the roles, the choice will depend on the choice of the tank and its technical characteristics. Each tank has unique abilities, coins will increase the level of skills and power of your weapons.

Each time you can perform the same role, or change it. Only a team game will quickly break up the enemy team. Get ready for real action battles. The game will be interesting to the player of different ages, the team can have players speaking different languages, but at the same time to fight together and defeat the enemy. Improve your abilities to earn more experience in every fight.


The game has colorful, colorful graphics, a wide variety of tanks and elements. Beautiful locations with a lot of bright elements, a variety of tanks have unique characteristics and exterior views. Dank Tanks cheats will bring freedom of purchase and will allow you to unlock new maps and arenas. Learn locations and use knowledge as an advantage in combat. Sounds and beautiful graphics will allow you to plunge into battles with your head and enjoy battles.


Choose the gender of the character, the tank and learn the main elements of control. To the left is the joystick of the movement, to the right of the button of the main and additional weapons. Move and destroy the walls on your way with a special weapon. Be careful, the enemy can hide in the greenery, or behind the wall. Develop your own strategy and cover up your allies, Dank Tanks money gives you free shopping, but you also need the right strategy to defeat your opponent.

Dank Tanks hack:

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  • 7,500 gems – VLKIGWG41Y
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Follow the instructions to learn how to use cheat codes and get an advantage. Unlimited resources can be obtained for Android, iOS devices for free.

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