Dead Paradise free Coins for Android, secret codes, not mod

Dead Paradise hack android

Unlock auto, weapons and recover fuel will help hack Dead Paradise using secret codes. Free coins, money can be obtained on all Android & iOS devices, it is enough to use the input instruction. Participate in the deadly races, receive rewards and improve the fighting qualities of the car. Use coins and take advantage of the passage of the game.

Infinite fuel allows you to play without time limit. And Dead Paradise cheats for coins will allow you to unlock all cars and tanks and make the necessary upgrades. Buy powerful machine guns and guns and install on the wheelbarrow. Participate in the deadly races with the participation of tanks and win the victory you need bosses. Long travel can be decorated with coins and speed up all the processes of passing the game.

Bonus codes Dead Paradise:

  • 27 500 coins – QOiGJ2Nt_DP
  • Recover fuel – L2fKWqNA_DP
  • Disable ads – hCNMiPM8_DP


After downloading the game you will find yourself in the post-apocalyptic space of New America. Start with the city where your family used to live. She was beaten and you have to find an abuser and destroy him. Go through the hard way and fight with the lords of deserts, quarries and airports. Having won you will receive further tips and directions for the passage

Dead Paradise has a long storyline, great graphics and gameplay. Go on the map, destroying motorcycles, cars and even tanks of enemies. Collect boosters, missiles and avoid explosives. Drive the car and fire on the enemies. Get to the right point to complete one more stage of your career. Earn coins and go to the garage. Here you can carry out improvements to the car, increasing its technical characteristics, as well as equip with a more powerful weapon.

Free coins, lots of money:

Everyone can play without limits, and for this it is not necessary to download Dead Paradise mod. It is enough to use secret codes, and you can fill up the missing records, as well as disable annoying ads. Destroy the gangs that began to rule after the apocalypse. Find out who destroyed your family and slay the enemy.

Improving the skill and driving skills, the player increases the chances of survival. Unlock the car and equip them with the most powerful weapons. Dozens of enemies on the level and complex maps. We have to simultaneously monitor a lot of indicators, which makes the passage interesting and rich. Unlock the tank and seize new territories. Raising the level, build a team and use them to pass.

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