Dead Target Zombie Codes cheat codes

Dead Target Zombie cheat codes, not mod apk

Dead Target Zombie hacking – in 2040, the earth after the great apocalypse that people have done, no rules, so we will be breaking no rules. In this article we will present to you the codes for gold and money (dollars) in the game on Android and iOS. No download, no secrets.

Once you got to us, you do not need to tell me that the game is free, and eventually pulls real money, if you want to continue to play with good dynamics. The dynamics of this horse this game, horrible creature poke at us from all sides, only manage to earn gold for leveling weapons, and to combat the boss will have to sweat.

Even Donat does not stop the urge to play Dead Target, which has not only excellent graphics and a lot of interesting missions, all sorts of weapons and all sorts of zombies that are so diverse that you can continue the game with one wondered what creatures will continue.

The only thing that pleased me in the game before the break, this companion and her funny comments, but after entering game codes simply delicious. The stock of money and a large arsenal of weapons do their work.

List of codes in the game Dead Target Zombie on Android and iOS:

Code for gold, you will add one million coins – GOLD1SLYUO

code for money, fill up your wallet at 10 million dollars – MONE100KEI

infinite ammo in the game are also possible, just type – INFGANRYOI

open to buy all the weapons – OPGANSREO9

improved weapons to maximum (inflicted damage, accessories, rate of fire, reload) – MAXGANI0KX

limiting the level of improvement – IMGANPTY99

+100 Kits – MEDCHEST100

+100 Grenades – GRENA100AD

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Dead Target Zombie” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations345435


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