DEAD TARGET: Zombie for Android & iOS

DEAD TARGET: Zombie hack for android

Why you should use hack DEAD TARGET Zombie for money, if the game is free? Such a question will never arise for a player who has reached the 10th level, or higher. Although the game is free, there are game purchases, gold is sold for real money, it must be paid for each action in order to reduce expectations. Having a lot of money on the account to play becomes much more enjoyable. Using the instruction and following the advice of the article, each player can get money to the account for free.

Unlimited resources allow you to open paid chests, use endless cartridges and unlock weapons. Increase your level, buy first-aid kits and grenades, this will speed up the passage and allow you to quickly raise your level in the game. Improved weapons will accelerate the speed of recharging, the power and the ability to install additional accessories. This is very important in such a dynamic shooter action from the first person.

DEAD TARGET Zombie Cheats:

  • Gold is the main currency of the game, it does not happen much, and this code can be used at least every day. He brings + 200 000 gold to the account for free – 56ACIUZLO
  • DEAD TARGET Zombie money the player receives for each mission completed and the killed zombie. Get + 1 000 000 can be using the code – ZLR75SB8F
  • Disable ads in the game – MT09VOT7Q

According to the plot, the actions take place in 2040 after the third world war. The borders of countries have changed, and the earth has been captured by a zombie apocalypse. Bloodthirsty killer creatures destroy everything in their path, you as a member of a special unit can stop the invasion. DEAD TARGET Zombie has excellent graphics and is constantly updated, except weapons are added new weapons and more powerful bosses. Destroy opponents, earning name and fame.

Free money, how to unlock weapons:

The last survivor on a difficult task, you have a huge responsibility to clean up the city from the infected. To win, any methods are good, but any attempt at hacking is quickly punished. DEAD TARGET Zombie money can be obtained only way through the game store and for this it is not necessary to spend real money on the game. Before using the codes, read the instructions and follow the steps to make free purchases and get a large supply of gold and money.

One of the most popular shooter shooter on Android & iOS. There is also excellent 3D graphics of high quality, dynamic fights, convenient controls and a huge arsenal of weapons. The main task of the gamer is survival, he was left alone to fight the plague. Join the dead brothers, or get out of captivity and help save the city. This is an exciting story in which completely immerses realistic effects and soundtracks.

From the minuses of the game can be attributed the inability to move around, by and large this is a shooting gallery. It is necessary to shoot the zombies before they got to the hero. To do this, you need to have a large arsenal of weapons and quickly recharge. The inability to move greatly simplifies the game, because it makes it much easier to aim. Kill zombies in batches and meet the boss, this can be a real test, huge monsters outnumber their brethren several times. DEAD TARGET Zombie hacked will give you endless money, this will prepare you for a meeting with the strongest opponents.

Destroy the waves of the dead, earning experience and money. Update the character and weapons, the number and power of the enemy is constantly growing. During the passage you will learn different types of zombies and experience will prompt the choice of weapons in this or that situation. The game has become famous for a wide variety of items and weapons, using tricks everyone can get money in the game for free. DEAD TARGET Zombie becomes even more interesting when shopping is not limited in the passage of the game.

The game is regularly updated and using tricks you will be able to access all the subjects first. Share your achievements and secrets with friends on social networks. Raising the rating, the player will unlock weapons, new types of guns and boosters that will not only save life. Go through the quests and rise in the leaderboard.

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