Dead Target: Zombie VR free codes for Cash, secrets of passing (Android and iOS)

Dead Target: Zombie VR  hack

If you love horror movies, the game takes you into raptures. It is a terrible story of the game Dead Target: Zombie VR will make you nervous. You are in an abandoned mine, and before you come crowds of bloodthirsty zombies. You have to kill them before they get to you. If they can do it, you find yourself trapped.

Try takes aim the zombies in the head. So you can save ammo and kill a dead man on the first try. On the first level you will have a regular gun. But if you make a lot of cash, you can buy a much better weapon. But hack Dead Target: Zombie VR will not help you do it. It does not work.

Dead Target: Zombie VR  hack

The worst thing in this game – this is the moment when the zombies could get very close to you. Then he brandishing and appear on the screen three red strips in the form of scratches. This means that you are injured. If the dead will repeat this a few times you will die. But there is a method that will help you get a lot of resources without downloading mod Dead Target: Zombie VR.

Free Codes Dead Target: Zombie VR for Android and IOS:

  • Add 1 000 000 Cash – C#_HYV793uejd9*h

Secret codes that you see at the bottom of the article is used in testing the beta version of the game. It is a safe way to obtain cash. Once you get a lot of money on your account, zombies stand no chance of survival. Destroy all in a row, in order to survive. Zrarbatyvayte extra points and buy better weapons.

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