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Death Tycoon hack

Death Tycoon, this is a simple clicker in which anyone can become a money magnate in the underworld. Open your first restaurant and earn coins, prepare different dishes to attract more customers. Earn money to invest in the creation of profitable points and get even more profits. Expand your domain and become a boss. Hacked Death Tycoon for coins and gems will allows free development and unlock more profitable business.

Description of the game

Company Genera Games, creators of Head Soccer 2018, Death Race, Cover Fire and other popular games. Death Tycoon for Android, this is a simple clicker where you can become the owner of a large number of restaurants. Just tap on the screen and unlock new recipes for making money. With the help of precious stones you can automate the workflow. You will be cooking under the earth, in the other world, but also there like Mexican food, barbecue and nachos.

Take on the role of Juanito El Muerto, a manager who did not quit his job after his death. Make money on your favorite business, build new establishments and sell franchises. You can play without connecting to the Internet, anywhere. Your main goal is to become a big boss and earn a lot of money. Constantly expand the domain, study new kitchens and dishes.


Death Tycoon mod

All the actions in the game can be performed with one finger. In the underground world, you also need to hire workers and attract new customers. Death Tycoon mod for coins will quickly expand the business, raise its level and create a corporation. Unlock new types of institutions to earn even more money. Becoming the richest in the underworld is a worthy goal to move on.

Sell ​​a lot of food and raise the level, significant achievements in the game are rewarded with gems. With their help, you can speed up the process and unlock the valuable functions of the game. Every day, visit the game to get valuable bonuses. Death Tycoon cheats will give you free money for money. They can be used for Android, iOS devices and get a large supply of coins and crystals.

Graphics and sounds

Death Tycoon cheat

A simple simulator has a simple, but bright 2D graphics. The game does not require access to the Internet, play in your spare time and enjoy the endless growth of your business. The voice of the game will allow you to immerse yourself in dynamic gameplay and enjoy rapid growth. Death Tycoon a lot of money will go to improve your restaurants, expand the franchise to start earning even more.

Accelerate every action with the help of gems. This will save a lot of time and will improve performance. Get profit from each establishment, help employees find new recipes and generate more income. This functional clicker has a huge amount of content. There is much to develop, create a business for business and become a tycoon. Use codes for money as an investment in your business.

Death Tycoon hack:

  • 600 000 coins for free, code – 7xl_JAB2l5
  • Get 9 000 gems, promo code – 4vH_7lwswu
  • Disable advertising in the game – 6Tc_o8ko9O

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