Deck Heroes cheat codes for Android & iOS

Deck Heroes hack

Collect your own unit for battles between the army of Humans, Neander, Elves and Mortes. Cheats Deck Heroes for crystals will allow you to quickly raise the level and unlock the legendary cards. If you are a beginner, you can quickly develop your own army, and an experienced player will be able to strengthen the squad and replenish the deck with stronger characters. Use the instruction and learn the method of using cheats to get a unique collection of cards of heroes and creatures. This fascinating adventure will give even more emotions when there is a lot of money on the account.

Deck Heroes codes:

  • 30 Day Star – GetJ2Zlug73
  • 8200 Gems – GetWeKG9d3T
  • Disable advertising – GetZfwRAcoM

Use codes and get gems without restrictions, you can enter the code more than once. Keep in suspense your enemies and share your tricks with your friends to create a powerful alliance. Travel through dungeons and labyrinths to test your skills. Train to fight and develop a winning strategy for the deck and challenge real players from around the world. The game has a popularity less than Hearthstone, but a significant difference allows to love this development.

In this article you will find promotional codes for 2018, as well as tips and tricks of hacking the game. This will increase your chances in the free game Deck Heroes. Collect cards of heroes, make a deck and expose it against other players. The fighting lasts 2-3 minutes, which allows you to run the game at any time and hold a couple of fights. The game is available for free download for Android & iOS, you can fight as on a mobile device, and also using a tablet.


The game itself selects cards from your deck, each time you have to experience different strategies and change the sequence. This is useful in terms of gaining experience and does not allow each time to play the same deck, which brings the game variety.

Deck Heroes cheat

To increase the level of abilities, you need to merge cards. This allows you to create a new map, or increase the existing level. Each hero brings his skills to the ability table. For victory it is very important to correctly use the heroes, choose a sequence that will reverse the course of the battle and bring victory.

Hacked Deck Heroes allows you to get precious stones, which in turn open access to paid sets of cards. Different factions, bring their own abilities into the table. They can be combined, but one of their own observations is that it is best to combine cards of the same ability. The game boasts a wide variety of maps and opportunities for using abilities. The graphics of the game amazes with quality and detail, and the team of the best graphic designers worked on the creation of heroes.

Deck Heroes has a single-player company with many interesting quests and quests. Their implementation will develop skills and explore different strategies. Each task has unique goals, after which you will learn how to preserve the health of the heroes, or the possibility of increasing the attack. With each level, the difficulty of the task increases, which requires the player to have a stronger deck and combat skills.

Every day you can take part in assignments and gain additional experience. Deck Heroes gems will greatly simplify the game and give an advantage. If you want to become a top player, you need to have powerful maps in your arsenal. You can not sacrifice the strongest cards for strategic purposes. Fights can take place automatically. In general, the interface of the game is pleasant and understandable from the very beginning.

In the process of completing quests you will be able to determine your own deck, which you can compete with real players in multiplayer mode. Discover unique dungeons and labyrinths in search of valuable things, new maps and skills. A simple board game where strategic skills and continuous development of the deck are important. Deck Heroes cheats give freedom of purchase and save not one hundred dollars and tens of hours of play.

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