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Diamond Master hack

Get 500M of diamonds for free and build your own mining station. Hack Diamond Master on Android using cheat codes does not require downloading mod files, or getting root rights. Use the instruction and get a lot of money on the account. This will save a lot of time while passing the game. Unlock skins and tools for use in the game, and get more money every second.

Build an entire mining company for diamond mining. Increase in turnover will allow you to get more money. With each level upgrade, new updates of characters and used equipment are available. Cheat Diamond Master for diamonds gives freedom and a quick start to the game. This can not be called hacking, but using secrets gives the player a big advantage when passing the game.

Bonus codes Diamond Master for free:

  • 500,000,000 diamonds free of charge – rhwe_30o35Y
  • Disable ads – oqic_Zi0dfQ
  • Unlock all items – xRbk_pPHK8t

Description of the game, the secrets of the passage

The game is created in the style of pixel graphics. Everyone starts mining diamonds with the help of one worker with a pickaxe. By collecting the right amount, the player can hire additional workers. But the extraction tools are times more efficient than a dozen workers. They will perform all the monotonous work, and the player needs to continue tapping on the screen.

Dozens of skins are available for selection by the player. The Diamond Master’s goal is to become the richest gem miner. The resources received must be constantly invested in improving tools and buying new equipment. This increases the speed and allows you to get more diamonds per minute. Become the richest among friends you will allow hacking.

How to get diamonds for free

Performing tasks and raising the level opens up new opportunities for the player. Unlock all items for purchase already at the initial levels and show your friends what you are capable of. To become a diamond magnate is easy enough, anyone can use the codes. No need to download Diamond Master mod to risk personal data to play freely.

Buy new machines, tools, raise their level and continue to tap on the screen. The clicker has great opportunities for development. Each tool can be upgraded several times. Having a lot of money, new tools worth millions of diamonds will always be opened. Do the company’s turnover more and become the best player in the extraction of resources.

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