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Dino Wars hack

Hack Dino Wars for Android will allow you to get a lot of money on the account. Gems and gold are available for Android and iOS devices. Use cheat codes and take advantage of the game. Build a protected city, expanding its borders. Fight with friends and other players in strategic battles. The tips in the instructions will allow you to get a premium currency and hatch the eggs of rare dinosaurs.

Take on the role of the owner of dinosaurs, conduct excavations in search of new species. Build a whole city under the protection of huge pets. Develop technologies, improve buildings and raise your level. Cheats Dino Wars gives you the freedom to purchase and will unlock rare dinosaurs. Combine pets with different abilities and attack rivals. Manage the city, reviving life in it.

Dino Wars codes:

  • 85 000 money free of charge – KN5A_dO3AT
  • 5,000 gems – GGWH_DgC5N

Features of the game

You are a paleontologist, you managed to find an egg of a dinosaur and raise a large pet. It will help you protect your possessions and expand the territories. Search for new species and build an army. They will help capture new territories in search of resources and money. Actions take place in the Wild West, where cowboys have teamed up with dinosaurs.

Dino Wars is a free strategy game with game purchases. Learn the controls and get acquainted with the processes of the game, passing training. Start with a small village and build up your fighting power. Collect food, wood and money and build new buildings. Collect resources and use them to enhance protection.

Dinosaurs and buildings in the game

A colorful game created in the style of the Wild West, themed buildings and characters. there is a constant struggle for the territory, in order to maintain the borders it is necessary to wage endless battles. Each player can strengthen the army with dinosaurs, these giants will allow to destroy the fortress and take resources from the enemy. Dozens of species of dinosaurs with different skills and capabilities.

The fights take place in real time, choose a dinosaur map to send it to the battlefield. Develop skills and access to rare species. Use Dino Wars mod to hack the game is not necessary. Free purchases will give money and diamonds to the account for free. Spend them on building new buildings and find new species. Restore the abandoned city and take part in the battles.

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