Dirt Xtreme 2 free coins, unlock bikes, boosters and improvements

Dirt Xtreme 2 android hack

Drive and earn money, get points for improvement. Dirt Xtreme 2 hack for Android & iOS allows you to get free coins and unlock bikes for free. Create a powerful bike from scratch, customize it for yourself, creating a unique appearance. Take part in endless races with other players, or passing levels. Follow the instructions and get unlimited resources for free purchases.

Challenge your friends and players from around the world. Racing takes place in different conditions, on the map there are many obstacles, trampolines and even a swamp. Accurate control and maximum speed will allow you to come to the finish line first and receive a lot of money. Dirt Xtreme 2 is free, but has game purchases. Without them, it will be difficult and long to collect coins to buy a faster bike. Increasing the characteristics requires a large reserve of resources.

Free cheat codes Dirt Xtreme 2:

  • Coins, this is the main currency of the game with which you can buy any motorcycles and objects of improvement to them. To get 35 000 coins for free, use the code – QyjBsBj_V6
  • Improvement glasses are needed to purchase new parts and enhance their characteristics. Get 9,000 points to set up for free – UdMDMrx_It

The game has more detailed graphics in comparison with the previous version of Dirt Xtreme. All the same dynamic and moments of dangerous gameplay, be calm, without defeats there will be no victories. A lot of new cards with decks, roofs and huge springboards and only two buttons. Accelerate, balance using the arrows and use nitro at the right time.

How to play for free, secrets and tips

Racing with a computer and these players are very different. If the first has a program and does not change strategies, psychology plays a big role with a living player. Take yourself in hand and calmly react to falls, because anyone can make a mistake. With the experience will go minor mistakes and you can move to the big leagues and get more money for one race.

Download mod Dirt Xtreme 2, or look for a hacked version of the game you do not have to, if you know how to use bonus codes. They give freedom of purchase, will allow to unblock all objects, levels and tales. Participate in exciting races with three players, the victory will be one. Go through the difficult obstacles first to gain valuable rewards and experience.

Opportunities to win all equals, donators can quickly become a top player. With a powerful bike, you will meet with more powerful players. In addition to the new modes, bikes and maps, the game will please with more pleasant graphics and voice acting and more daily tasks. Do them to always be in shape and use the Dirt Xtreme 2 cheats to buy valuable items.

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