Disney Heroes Battle Mode free Gold & Diamonds, not mod

Disney Heroes Battle Mode hack

Collect the characters of Disney and Pixar from The Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia in one game. Combine them into one team and go to battle in the new RPG for Android & iOS. Disney Heroes Battle Mode hack you also need, for the famous heroes will have to pay extra, despite the fact that the game is free. Gold and diamonds play an important role in creating a powerful team of heroes and their development. To use this hacking method, it is enough to have the codes and follow the instructions at the bottom of the article. This is the free and safest way to remove restrictions and get more from the game.

Buying a franchise for the use of famous characters requires a lot of money from the developer. But this greatly increases the chances of attracting more gamers to the game. Using the codes, each player can get a lot of money on the account for free and enjoy the passage without restrictions. Gold and precious stones are equally easy to get for Android and iOS device. Participate in battles, receive new equipment and equipment as reward and improve the team.

Free Disney Heroes Battle Mode Cheats:

  • + 64,500 gold on the account (this currency of the game is needed for ordinary purchases and improvements), use the code and get a set of gold for free – OnE_NL9zkC
  • + 8 300 diamonds (premium currency will allow unlocking rare characters, opening paid chests, and speeding up the process of improvement) – Opd_YZiGCg
  • Disable ads in the game – O5i_E3ItUK

A new RPG game with already known characters from different companies in the same team. All of them have teamed up to fight the virus, absorbing your friends and even the family. To save the brethren in the game will need the money Disney Heroes Battle Mode, as well as have to go not one level and destroy the walls of the enemies. To save the world you will need the strongest team of heroes.

Features of the game Disney Heroes Battle Mode:

This is a colorful action game in which battles take place in a semi-automatic mode. Each hero strikes in turn, in the hands of a gamer using super abilities and skills. They have the same heroes, but require constant improvement. With each level, the power of the enemy grows, and to pass the task will have to meet with several companies from the opponents.

Winning brings experience and money to the gamer, as well as the ability to unlock new heroes, or items for improvement. Gold can be spent on raising the skill level. The best use of the diamond in the game is to open the chests. This allows you to discover new, more rare characters and useful items.

The main task of the gamer is team building and constant modernization. Hacked Disney Heroes Battle Mode for money gives you the freedom to purchase and will unlock the most powerful equipment and legendary characters. While the game is available only 15 characters, but with the updates will appear new characters.

For the selection of such heroes are already available: Incredibles, Frozone, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope, Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and others. Do missions and buy epic gear to expand their skills. This role-playing game has good graphics from comics and interesting gameplay. Disney Heroes Battle Mode codes for money will make the game more dynamic and interesting in terms of passing. Share tricks with friends on social networks.

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